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The 7000 Mile Odyssey

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It was August 13, 2014; it was a beautiful day in

the Denver suburb of Broomfield. Things were stirring

and there was an air of expectancy and immediacy that was palpable.

The car pulled up at my house, and immediately

I knew that my adventure was about to begin.

The driver was friendly and asked a lot of questions,

but as with all Enterprise personnel, was not a Colorado native.

We had our 10 minutes of chitchat and Smalltalk as

we headed to my local Enterprise outlet. It was there

that my chariot waited.


I’ve taken this trip before. Maybe not as long as this one,

but I have done the same trip in the wintertime. As I got to

the Enterprise rental counter I found out that my chariot was

going to be a brand-new Chevy Tahoe. This would be my

command-module for the next 3 to 4 weeks. My copilot and

able assistant would be Derek, my three-year-old Corgi.

As I climbed into the Tahoe and headed back to my house

to load the supplies I would need for this journey, I knew a new

page of adventure was about to begin.



Now the Tahoe had some very interesting safety apparatus installed

for operating pleasure. The first thing I noticed was that there was an

icon in the middle of one of the radial meters on the dashboard that

was monitoring whether I was driving between the lines or not rolling

down the highway. If you stray over the lines, you would get

a nudge in the seat from the side that you had drifted. In other

words the car was monitoring whether you were asleep or not

and actually nudging you back to reality. The first times I felt

this I had no idea what was going on. It was the most amazingly

wacky sensation I ever felt while driving a car, but I did appreciate

having this innovation during the course of my trip.


The trip itself would encompass 7000 miles. Now the 7000 is

actually a nice round number. The actual total mileage was 6940.

It’s always nicer to round-up the number, sounds more official.

During the course of this trip we passed through many cities:

we started in Denver, we went through St. Louis, we went through

Chattanooga, and we went to Atlanta, on the first part of the journey

ending up in Tampa. On the way north we went through Savannah,

Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and finally through

New York City and out onto Long Island.


Someone asked me, “Why did you take this trip Don?” And I

answered them this way, sometimes in life you need to take the bull by

the horns and do the right thing to take care of family members.

I am still in that process as of right now. The trip was the beginning

of a journey that will be continuing for months and months to come;

it was not the end-all be-all trip by itself. I had to go retrieve some

things from my mother’s house, as she had been moved into



I may have to take another trip to New York in the near future.

It is possible that I may be able to fly this time, but I do believe

the driving aspect open since I’ve been able to do this without

any problem or trepidation. Derek and I have become adept at

sleeping in truck stops. Whenever we feel tired, we pull off to the

nearest rest area and take a cat nap for about an hour or two. Then

we fire up the engine and head on down the highway eating up

more miles toward our eventual destination. Trips like this are

very cathartic and can be an educational process as well.


For this particular trip I had loaded all of the Inner Circle podcasts

from the Empower Network onto my iPod and turned the Tahoe into

my own private business training ground. I started at the beginning,

and listened to hour upon hour of information relating to the marketing

aspects of any entrepreneurial business venture.


Take a trip, take a chance, and take your dog! The road awaits those

who are hearty enough to take the adventure. I may have driven 7000

miles, but I imparted to myself millions of miles of data through the

information I played.


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The Book Kahuna

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Return Road Trip: Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book Kahuna

There are times in your life when you take a trip and it’s for fun and pleasure.  There is nothing better than going on a vacation to a destination,  bringing a book or magazine and just sitting at the pool soaking in the sun and having a beer every once in a while to power down the stress in your life.  These are the trips you need to keep your mental compass intact.  Then there are the trips that you take in life that are much more difficult because they revolve around helping in dealing with family that are having a rough time.

The Years Advance

I went back to New York for Christmas and New Year’s to spend time with my mother.  My mother’s birthday was five days before Christmas and my drive from Colorado back to New York put me in her driveway the day before, and I made it for her 85th birthday.  My mom is having some problems getting around and it’s difficult to see the person who raised me and taught me and got me through childhood to become the adult that I am now having problems getting around.  It’s hard to see your parents get old.  It sounds selfish but the difficulty watching your parents get old is that it’s also an indicator of how much you are aging as an individual yourself.  The clock keeps ticking, the days keeps rolling by, the year’s keep advancing, and you just wish that you could grab onto a fragment in time and hold it and never let it change.  The problem is that time is like picking up sand on a beach:  it always slips through your fingers.

Pizza, Chinese Food, and Flavor Crisp

The best part about being home in New York was the food.  Now I love Colorado and I love living there, but there are two things that I have to get when I am back in New York State.  The first one is any kind of pizza because you can’t get a New York type pizza in Colorado in any way, shape, or form.  So one of the first things we did when I got home was order a big Sicilian pie with multiple items on it.  The next thing I need to get when I’m back in New York from Colorado is some good Chinese food.  There is nothing like a Chinese restaurant in New York.  The Chinese Food back on Long Island just tastes so much better and I haven’t been able to figure out why because basically it’s just vegetables with some meat, or shrimp added.  Now one more thing I have to do whenever I am back on Long Island, and even though my mother lives an hour away from the town I grew up, West Islip, I always have to get a bucket of Flavor Crisp Chicken with a double order of Jo Jo’s and onion rings.  A nice order of cole-slaw never goes to waste either.  This is my recipe for a great time when I go back to New York.

Return Trip

It was very hard for me to leave and come back to Colorado, but Derek and I started our journey back at 3:00 AM on Saturday January 11.  We ran into some nasty weather all the way from Long Island to the Ohio border.  Although rainy and foggy, we were lucky because the weather was not cold enough for ice and snow.  I shot some video with my iPhone that I am embedding in this blogpost.  The freedom of the highway is something that everyone should experience.  As I have said on a few different occasions in blogposts and videos it is a great way to “squeeze the sponge” and decompress from any of the stresses that affect us during the course of our lives.  I’m extremely happy that I made the decision to drive back to New York and I was also very lucky that I caught the breaks in the weather that I did.

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Thanks for EVERYTHING, Mom

If my mom calls tomorrow and says, “Come home” again, I will be in the car in a flash with my trusty canine sidekick along for new adventures.

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