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An Empty Vender Yields No Cash!

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A few years ago, during a very bad snowstorm, I knew that I had to go out and do some work on my vending machines. I had started the business, Skootdad Vending and Refreshments, in the early part of 2008. My girlfriend had just passed away from Ovarian Cancer, and when I got back to my work office in Colorado after the funeral in New York I was told that I had to choose someone from my department to be let go. When I began my employment with the company in 2004, the department I inherited was rife with deadwood. There were people who did not really do a day’s work, there were people who had a problem with authority; there were people who thought they were the smartest people on the planet. Over time, I was able to craft and build a department from the ground up as the original people left the company. By 2008, I had built a department that was one of the best functioning and creative production/manufacturing teams in publishing. I have no qualms about saying this outright.

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When you have spent four years building a department and making it a professional and well synchronized unit akin to a Swiss watch, it is very difficult when told to choose someone because they have to be kicked out. And this is a recurring problem with this particular company. There is no focus, there is no innovation, and the end result is that every few years people get cut out. Unfortunately, the people who make the decisions are never the ones to get cut out.

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You understand what I’m telling you about where I was working? The company was not a long-term career investment. I decided that it was time to look elsewhere and start building something from the ground up. I would always say to people when they asked me about the late hours that I spent working on these vending machines: an empty vendor yields no cash! This is the perspective for any businessman:   cash-flow is king. If you do not have cash coming in, then you are not running your business correctly. I wanted to make sure that my customers were always able to make purchases from my machines. It all comes down to customer service in a one-on-one situation. I personally am not there, but my robot needs to work correctly to push the candy out to the waiting customer. If this part of the process does not work correctly, I have failed in my duty as the vending facilitator.

If you have empty cells without product for the augurs to push out, you are wasting valuable time because your business is based on choice. Once the choices become confined, the sales will begin to diminish. Could this be what your business looks like? Could this be a new revelation on how you should approach business and look at the transmission of goods to customers and clients? Everything comes down to maintaining that trust with the people who buy from your vending machine. I have to say one more time: an empty vendor yields no cash.

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