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The ZEEKS Don’t Want No Freaks!

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Three years ago I started a journey. I was working as the Production Manager for a Social Studies reference publisher but knew that I needed more in my life. I had started looking into the writings of Robert Kiyosaki and Brandon Bouchard and knew that working for a company was not going to give me the financial freedom that I desired. I started to look around. I had heard about multilevel marketing and network marketing in the past, but I had always shied away from getting involved with any type of situation that required an outlay of cash prior to results, especially if the outlay was extensive.

I had a subordinate who was very involved in the multilevel marketing field. This person knew that I was unhappy with my position and at one point asked me if I was interested in a business opportunity that seemed to be producing results. I wholeheartedly said yes, and asked for more information about the opportunity. It was at this point that I learned about Zeek Rewards. I don’t want to get it into the specific functions of how Zeek Rewards worked, but I will tell you that the promise to pay off for the amount of input was said to be astronomical.

The one thing I could never figure out during the course of my 4 to 6 months working with Zeek Rewards was the product itself. They really did not have a product that they were selling other than a marketing strategy to get people onto the premier website. I started working this opportunity. I dove in and did everything that I was supposed to do. I put more and more money into my account. I was so ready for a change that my mindset was totally focused on the small picture. If I had been adept enough to look closely and step back a few feet so that I could see the big picture, I would’ve realized that the possibility existed that this was a house of cards.

After putting more and more money into the system, I was actually building to a point where I was going to see some pay-off and the feeling was exhilarating to know that the pay-off was fast approaching. In the summer of 2012, I turned 51 years old. As my fiancée and I were out at dinner, a news report came over the radio that the SEC had seized all of the Zeek Rewards assets as a major Ponzi scheme. It was bad enough that I had potentially lost a few thousand dollars, but to have that realization thrown in your face on your birthday was a real party killer.

After two years and much due diligence on the part of the Zeek Rewards Receiver, I received a check on Friday 10/3/14 for 40% of the funds that I had initially put into this project. I am very happy that I got this 40% back, and also with the fact that the possibility exists that I may get as much is 85 to 90% back of my initial outlays.

What do I think? Was this a good idea? Did I take enough time to find out about the opportunity? Would I do it again?

Everyone in life is going to make mistakes. Everyone in life is going to have failures. There is one thing that we know for sure in our lifetimes: Working for someone else will never make you rich!

I learned that you must face your inner basic fears to overcome them. You must fail to succeed. You must continue to strive for excellence in everything you do and be willing to take a risk when and if an opportunity arises. It only takes one correct decision to change the rest of your life. Moving too slowly or not at all could be the recipe for malaise and disaster.

We are only given a certain amount of time on this planet, the spilt milk tears will have to wait until I leave this bio-dome.

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Team-Building via Tracey Walker!

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When you try to get your words out
you need to be connected to mentors
and those who have blazed a trail in the
area you are cultivating….

In the Empower Network, Dave Wood is the
preeminent voice that gets the message across.
Along with Dave, there are mentors like Lawrence Tam,
Aaron Rashkin, Tony Rush, and Dr. Tracey Walker.

I am currently reading the book Dr. Walker wrote on
Team Building, and since I am The Book Kahuna, this
fits in well with my focus on books, authors, blogging and book reviews.

I am building a team based on the precepts laid out in Dr. Walker’s
book and will be blogging about the chapters as I go through the book.
Please join me on the journey.  Here is the link to join my team if you are
interested in finding out more information:

Click here —–>  http://bit.ly/workwithDon


The Book Kahuna

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