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Speed Blogging!

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I just finished another module in the $15K formula for the Empower Network and wanted to get this blog post completed as quickly as possible. Now Chris Record had some incredibly interesting pieces of the puzzle for building an SEO blogging platform that Google will eventually find and rank. The problem with blogging all the time is that if you take an inordinately long time to write a blog post you are defeating the purpose of getting the content out to the mainstream while sacrificing the backup functions. Those backup functions would entail more about getting eyes on the prize and filling your email funnel.

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From what I can see, there are three great reasons to make sure that you do speed blogging to create your blogs and have them completed within a 20 minute time frame. Another proponent of the speed blogging concept was Jim Edwards when he proposed using an egg-timer set at 25 minutes to finalize the post.

Three Reasons

1. Completing your blog posts in a quick and positive fashion keeps your thought process clean and clear and the final product will be one that shows an incredible focus without meandering.

2. Once you have used your 20 minute time frame to write your blog post, the rest of the time should be used with finding different avenues to market and boost visibility of that particular blog post. As Chris has made abundantly clear, using the Empower Network as your blogging platform already gives you a system that is being seen by Google continuously. This webinar was from 2012, and the Empower Network was at number 10 on the list of websites in the United States for traffic, but at this time I would say this information is probably out of date and we’re probably more like number four or number five. Use the tools you have at your command and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. That was probably the most important point that I got from Chris Record’s presentation.

3. Always be willing to reach out to others to write guest posts for their blogs and have them write guest posts for your blog. The back links you can create will have a geometrical increase in eyeballs on your posts. In the end that’s all that matters, people seeing your blog post, reading what you have to say, and being interested in your particular point of view on any given subject matter.

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I’m inserting a YouTube video in which Chris Record is discussing the blogging experience through the Empower Network. I am well aware that this particular YouTube video has a good number of views, and this should go hand-in-hand with one of the nuggets from the webinar about using viral multimedia on trending issues to boost viewership and also SEO ranking. I think this will be an interesting experiment to see how this blog post fares with all the information from this particular webinar module interposed with a YouTube video from Chris himself. I cannot believe how much am learning from these modules and again it just goes to prove the old adage: I blog therefore I am.

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