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The Entrepreneur Mentality

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

I started to think about what has happened over the last year and a half and it gave me pause as I thought about the analogy of building a business. A business always starts with an idea. Whether that idea is how to build the best car, how to let people share photos on their computer, how to manufacture life-saving drugs, every business starts with an initial idea. That is the seedling. As the seedling starts to grow, more care and attention is needed to make sure that the business structure reaches an adult-status.


I just went out and bought some tomato plants which I will be planting this weekend. I plant tomato plants in topsy-turvy’s in the front of my house every year. I usually try to get a variety of different tomato plants so that I will have different tomatoes at many different points during the course of the summer. There is nothing better than taking a tomato that you’ve grown from your garden, cutting it up and putting it on your BLT. The pure enthusiasm that you have grown this tasty food product from a seedling or a small plant makes the final enjoyment of eating it that much more satisfying.

The exact same mindset can be said for your business. You as an individual start out with an idea. Whether this idea is tenable or not you don’t have any clear information. You are starting on the path that is new but will be utterly satisfying if you stay the course to your final destination. The problem is many people run into problems and deviate from their course or stop altogether. Stay on the course! As I’ve said before, we only have to look to WD-40, Formula 409 and Thomas Edison and his 10,000 tries at making a successful light-bulb. Look at your business as a plant. It needs water. It needs sunlight.  It needs love and some plant food.  It can grow and can give you everything you’ve ever wanted out of your life. Take the journey and make spaghetti sauce at the end, you will not regret it.

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