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Expert Partnerships! Google Hangout with Ally Machete!

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book Kahuna

During the course of your travels through your publishing career you will meet and gain friendships with many distinct and varied people throughout the industry. It’s exhilarating when you can get one of those individuals to come on and speak in an interview and talk about what sets them apart in their chosen publishing field.

Tomorrow I have a Google Hangout at 1 PM MST with my friend Ally Machete. Now Ally is an editorial whiz and can help any author take their book from manuscript through development to be a workable, well-written tome.
I invite you all to take an hour out of your time and tune into our Google hangout as I interview Ally about what she does to help her authors in the editorial arena.
When: Friday, March 28, 2014                                                      Where: Google Hangouts—No Hotel or Plane Fare needed!


Time: 1 PM MST, 3PM EST



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