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Who is Derek? Why is he in the picture with you?

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

Now Batting #2 Derek Jeter, #2

Derek as a puppy:  roughly 10-12 weeks old

Derek as a puppy: roughly 10-12 weeks old

I have been thoroughly remiss in my duties as the “human” for my dog.  I have not introduced you and told you a little bit about him.

Derek is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  These are the dogs that Queen Elizabeth II loves so dearly.  She has had 11 at some times in the past.  I have one.  Derek is 2 and will be 3 years old in November.  He is the sweetest dog on the planet and his main function in life is to make friends with other humans, dogs, rabbits and his housemates, my 2 Manx cats, Munson and Mattingly (have you figured out the pattern in the naming conventions?).

Derek spends a good portion of his day sitting under my desk keeping me company while I write blog-posts.  Now, yes, Derek is named after Derek Jeter.  Since Corgis are short in stature with tiny legs, being named for a Shortstop seems like a completely appropriate way to go.

The Best Things in Life…

Derek went to jail, and served his time.  That's another story...

Derek went to jail, and served his time. That’s another story…

The thing I like best about Derek is that he just wants to be your friend.  I have never seen him growl or snarl his teeth in anger.  He does bark, but usually it is to get my attention or the attention of another dog walking on the other side of the street.   Also, do not come near his house, he does not like anyone walking by the house or knocking on the door.  He’s one Corgi that is a heck of a good watch dog.  We’ve been going to the dog park recently to take care of a very slight weight problem that he has.  Let me give you some insights into how our dog park adventures have fared.

How Low Can You Go? 

Now, you have not lived until you play “Chuck it” with a Corgi.  These dogs may be low to the ground, but let me tell you his little legs can propel him very quickly when he is on a mission to retrieve a ball.  He has the run and fetches part down, but sometimes he gets distracted and doesn’t quite make it back to me with the ball.


Any of you dog lovers will remember the scenes in the Disney animated movie Up where the scientist had wired the dog, Dug, to talk.  The dog would intelligently start giving you information about him, then inexplicably yell “Squirrel” in the middle of his monologue.  Yes, throwing and finding the ball are fine; we just have to do some work on the “Retrieval” part of the agenda.

I am seriously thinking of getting another dog to be company for Derek.  Another Corgi would be great, or a rescue from Max-Fund, where I got Munson and Mattingly.


Unconditional Sloppy Love

Dogs warm your heart.  No matter what your day was like, your furry friend is always there and ready to love you.  They don’t know anything about time, so whatever you spend with them is wonderful in their minds.  I’ve had some down times recently, but through it all, Derek is my main support center keeping me going.  I know I have obligations to him and to myself to make sure things happen the way they need too.  If you have any questions about Derek, just fire away and I would be happy to answer them…

Trivia Question Answer

None of the animals living in my house have a tail! (Oh, and they are all named for NY Yankee Captains!)

It's cold in Colorado! Sometimes...

It’s cold in Colorado! Sometimes…

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