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Think and Grow Rich Book Review: Chapter 4- Autosuggestion

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In chapter 4 we learn all the nuances of Autosuggestion.

What are the things that hold us back from attaining what we want in life?

In some respects we are held back by a system that makes us into employees as soon as we are old enough to go to school. Autosuggestion can be a tool that helps us to break the cycle of continuous training for a cubicle world. In 1937 Napoleon Hill was not looking at a culture of cubicles, but was staring down the barrel of a factory populace who trudged off to work every day at the car plant, or the steel mill, or the defense plant, or the Tennessee Valley Authority. They needed Autosuggestion as badly then as we need it now.

What is Autosuggestion?

Our mental capabilities are composed of the conscious day-to-day world which is fed by all of our senses. The underlying drive for who we are and what we can become is contained more in the subconscious then in the conscious narrative. To get to a point where we are bringing success and riches into our lives, we have to focus on building dreams and goals and voicing them repetitively every single day. You have to get to the point where you are repetitively speaking with emotion about your goals and your dreams. Over time, the consistent repetition of voicing your dreams will begin to make them move from only a thought into the concrete world of reality.

Voice your Desires

The example that I gave in my YouTube video was if you know you want to make $30,000 a month by March 2015, then you must repetitively speak to the universe and give voice to the stream constantly. If you can continue to give voice to the stream of consciousness on a consistent daily basis, then this dream will move from dream state to a reality state.

Chapter 4 was the shortest chapter of the book so far, but if length were a measure of importance, then this chapter would not even rank on the list of most influential chapters of this book. But length is not a measure of importance in Think and Grow Rich, and this is probably one of the most important chapters Hill wrote. The central theme of this book, to think and grow rich, cannot occur unless the individual has already established a mindset that attracts and visualizes long-term success. Without a background of fervent desire and an indomitable spirit that fosters a given result, the other tenets contained in the book will not be able to produce results. The dreams and desires that are obsessively believed are the foundation of success in an entrepreneurial venture.

To give a Short summary:

Autosuggestion is the act of continually and repetitively voicing your inner-most dreams and desires. Once these are continually voiced and thought about, the garden of your subconscious will begin to germinate these ideas. Once they have taken root in the fertile ground of the subconscious through constant invoking, the reality will begin to merge with the mind-set to forge a phalanx of success.

Let your DREAMS live and voice them loudly DAILY!

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