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Team-Building via Tracey Walker!

New Photo w Logos

When you try to get your words out
you need to be connected to mentors
and those who have blazed a trail in the
area you are cultivating….

In the Empower Network, Dave Wood is the
preeminent voice that gets the message across.
Along with Dave, there are mentors like Lawrence Tam,
Aaron Rashkin, Tony Rush, and Dr. Tracey Walker.

I am currently reading the book Dr. Walker wrote on
Team Building, and since I am The Book Kahuna, this
fits in well with my focus on books, authors, blogging and book reviews.

I am building a team based on the precepts laid out in Dr. Walker’s
book and will be blogging about the chapters as I go through the book.
Please join me on the journey.  Here is the link to join my team if you are
interested in finding out more information:

Click here —–>  http://bit.ly/workwithDon


The Book Kahuna

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Speed Blogging!

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I just finished another module in the $15K formula for the Empower Network and wanted to get this blog post completed as quickly as possible. Now Chris Record had some incredibly interesting pieces of the puzzle for building an SEO blogging platform that Google will eventually find and rank. The problem with blogging all the time is that if you take an inordinately long time to write a blog post you are defeating the purpose of getting the content out to the mainstream while sacrificing the backup functions. Those backup functions would entail more about getting eyes on the prize and filling your email funnel.

For more information about blogging in the Empower Network click here NOW:  http://bit.ly/workwithDon

From what I can see, there are three great reasons to make sure that you do speed blogging to create your blogs and have them completed within a 20 minute time frame. Another proponent of the speed blogging concept was Jim Edwards when he proposed using an egg-timer set at 25 minutes to finalize the post.

Three Reasons

1. Completing your blog posts in a quick and positive fashion keeps your thought process clean and clear and the final product will be one that shows an incredible focus without meandering.

2. Once you have used your 20 minute time frame to write your blog post, the rest of the time should be used with finding different avenues to market and boost visibility of that particular blog post. As Chris has made abundantly clear, using the Empower Network as your blogging platform already gives you a system that is being seen by Google continuously. This webinar was from 2012, and the Empower Network was at number 10 on the list of websites in the United States for traffic, but at this time I would say this information is probably out of date and we’re probably more like number four or number five. Use the tools you have at your command and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. That was probably the most important point that I got from Chris Record’s presentation.

3. Always be willing to reach out to others to write guest posts for their blogs and have them write guest posts for your blog. The back links you can create will have a geometrical increase in eyeballs on your posts. In the end that’s all that matters, people seeing your blog post, reading what you have to say, and being interested in your particular point of view on any given subject matter.

The best way to learn is by having a mentor and touchstone who knows the material from the start.  Click here for more information on Blogging and the Empower Network:  http://bit.ly/workwithDon

I’m inserting a YouTube video in which Chris Record is discussing the blogging experience through the Empower Network. I am well aware that this particular YouTube video has a good number of views, and this should go hand-in-hand with one of the nuggets from the webinar about using viral multimedia on trending issues to boost viewership and also SEO ranking. I think this will be an interesting experiment to see how this blog post fares with all the information from this particular webinar module interposed with a YouTube video from Chris himself. I cannot believe how much am learning from these modules and again it just goes to prove the old adage: I blog therefore I am.

Want more info?  Click here:  http://bit.ly/workwithDon

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Empower: Team Kahuna!

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Do You Want To Create or Grow Your Business? NOW IS THE TIME!

The Empower Network has created MOMENTUM.  They are making a movement and NOW IS THE TIME to join!  I’m going to use this momentum to CATAPULT my business to something AMAZING in the next 90 days.  And I INVITE YOU to join me and MAKE AN IMPACT!

Who Should Join?

Who should join me on this adventure?  Anyone who is SERIOUS about taking their business to the next level.  What does serious mean?  Are you willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to take your business to the next level?

That means a serious TIME INVESTMENT. 

If you are serious about growing your business in the next 90 days, then you’ll need a serious time investment EACH DAY (2 hours/day) in the next 90 days.

I know you have a life.

You might have kids.  You might have a job.  You might have vacation plans.  This might not be a great time for you.

It’s not for me.

But I’m going to do it anyway.

I KNOW that the momentum this company is creating will take whatever efforts I can make, and grow them 10-fold.

I will work with people who are committed to dedicating at least 2 hours each day to growing their business.  That’s only 14 hours a week.  You probably spend that much time watching TV each night.

If you are serious, are you willing to dedicate 2 hours EACH day, EVERY day, for the next 90 days, no matter what?  It’s just like brushing your teeth.  You find time to brush your teeth every day.  You find time to shower every day.  This is just one more item on the EVERY DAY list.  No problem.

Will you do it?

That means a serious FINANCIAL INVESTMENT

Yep.  It takes money to make money.  Not a lot.  You CAN grow your business with just $44.95/month.  And this company will help you make the most of that $44.95/month.  I will help you grow and support you at that level.

BUT, if you want to be a member of the ELITE TEAM of people, the people who will make PHENOMENAL use of this momentum, you’ll have to make a serious financial investment.  In the first 3 days you join Empower, you’ll need to invest $2,997 to get “ALL IN”.  That is a HUGE DISCOUNT!  Yes.  I know you don’t have that kind of money sitting around.  I didn’t either.  Neither did other members of my team.  But just like people who go to college, you have to be willing to invest in yourself and your business to run with the elite. Are YOU worth a semester at college?  I think so!  When we do our first coaching session, I will help you identify ways that you can find or earn that financial investment in yourself.

What Can You GAIN?

If you are ready to make a serious time and financial investment, then you will gain:

  1. An ELITE TEAM of people, running WITH YOU!  Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich” discussed the concept of Master Mind – two or more people working together to make something GREAT!  Henry Ford did it, Andrew Carnegie did it.  These people who helped build the foundation of the United States we know now, used this key principle to grow their business – FAST and LARGE!  I’ll even give you a PDF of the book so you can read it if you never have!
  2. Step-By-Step FAST START KAHUNA TRAINING.  Like you, I needed some help even knowing WHERE TO START!  I learned those lessons and I created KAHUNA TRAINING (a blue print) for you so you don’t have to learn those lessons yourself.  I will give you the steps you need to set up your business in small, manageable chunks so that you can go on auto-pilot for the early stuff and just do as you are told.   There is SO MUCH INFORMATION out there, I struggled to sort through it myself and concentrate on the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS that would grow my business the most quickly.

When Do I Start?   

You want to START TODAY!

There is an event in Charlotte June 26 to June 29, 2014.  There will be some KEY ANNOUNCEMENTS coming out at that event.  GET TO THAT EVENT so you can run with us!    A bunch of us are renting a house together and renting a car together.  We are making it fun and inexpensive to attend this event.  And it is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  You won’t believe, the POWER OF AN EVENT in turning your business around.  GET TO THAT EVENT!

We are running now – BEFORE THE EVENT – to create our teams we will take with us on our 90-day Challenge.  We are creating MOMENTUM and MOVEMENT so that as you come in, you start RUNNING.  It’s like you a people-mover at the airport.  You can be like the people on the floor, using their own energy to walk down the concourse, or you can get on the people mover and with the same energy you expend, you can leave the other people in the dust.  And if you want fast, WOW!  Come on, admit it! You’ve all done this race.   It’s FUN!

How Do I Start? 

1)    JOIN DON TODAY – You’ll hear people say “GET IN”.  This is how you get in.  You’ll join Empower Network for just $25 per month.  Then join as an affiliate for $19.95/mo.  There.  You’ve started your business with an initial investment of $44.95!

2)    JOIN IMPACT – This is a special e-mail list for people who want to make a difference.  For people who are COMMITTED to their success and want to create a big goal.  My big goal is $1 Million in one year and I’ve created a personal plan to start small and grow each month, building on what I’ve learned.  My sponsors are going to double their income of $250k in the next 90 days.  What is YOUR BIG GOAL?

3) BRING 10 – This Thursday, June 5th at 7 pm MT, I am sponsoring a Hangout to help you grow your business with a BANG!  Bring 10 people to this Hangout Thursday and we will help you create YOUR FIRST EMPOWER SALE. How do you do that?  Just SHARE THiS LINK on Facebook: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c2octtn2ei2nvmvaj6b8se8ilv4.  “Top Marketers Reveal Their #1 Marketing Secrets”.

Not too hard, is it?  Each day you’ll get step-by-step instructions just like this to help you grow your business.  Are you READY?  GOOD!  Now go back and DO STEP #1!

The Book Kahuna

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Pub Talk! The High-Heeled Ninja: Leslie Lane Peabody!

The Book Kahuna

Because Publishing Discussions Need to Take Place!


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Naked Blogging!

The Book Kahuna

I’ve been meaning to start doing this for a while now and I thought this would be the best time to get this going. I’ve been blogging for about three years now and I have put many bells and whistles into my blog-posts including photos, videos, and music videos. I thought it was time to cut to the unvarnished part of the blog structure.

What makes someone read a blog?

What gets someone interested in what you have to say?

How do you get people to look at what you’re talking about?

I think the answer to these questions is to get to the point where all you’re doing is putting words, sentences and paragraphs into the mainstream that build concentric ideas people can follow and are relatable. It’s not a difficult thing to get moving on writing about what is happening with EPUB, or why marketing is so important, or even why customer service is dead. The basic form-follows-function of the blog is to inform your readers and make sure that the content you’re producing is in a structure that is easily understood and summarily executed so that your message gets across.

No, I am not sitting in my home office naked right now doing this blog. I know that many of you are also glad that I’m not home naked writing this blog as well. It all comes down to the words, the content, and the direction on where you want your audience to go. Also, another important part of this process is what is the feeling you want your audience to come away with? Where are you driving them? What is the focus of where you are going with your written words? For the next few weeks I am going to be producing blog posts that will just be blog posts.  There will be no videos, no photos, and just the logo appearing on the top of the blog post itself. I want feedback from everyone who looks at my blog. I want to know what you want me to produce. I want more interaction with my readers. I want to hear from you letting me know what you are thinking, what directions I should be pursuing and topics I should be articulating in this blog.

I received a message on Facebook the other day from one of my friends that said there was a man who is trying to shut down bloggers because they are devaluing and undermining the content streams of authors who write for traditional publishing operations. I think this is a big mistake. There are plenty of good writers who do not work for large publishing operations or write for a living for that matter.

My answer is, and always will be: I blog therefore I am!

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1 Post to 3 Different Social Media Platforms!

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book KahunaHere is a GREAT Google hangout I had with my friend Leslie Lane Peabody a few weeks ago.  She is the Ninja in High Heels!  Enjoy!

Don’t forget to sign up for my e-mail list and get the 71 minute manuscript to bound book digital lecture!

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If you are blogging anyway, the Empower Network is the SMART way to go.  Check it out…

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The Week that Was… eBooks, CIPA, eReatah and Softball

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Corner Office

I started out the week with the definition of the “Corner Office” and what steps you can take to move up the ladder…


I talked about ways to get ahead by utilizing company offered extra-curricular activities like softball and volleyball…


I went into detail about why a good copyedit is essential for the marketability of the book project…


I gave the scenario that sometime during the course of a career, you will get laid off and how to approach the situation…


I gave a personal account of why flexibility is so important to anyone who aspires to get ahead in a publishing environment…

Digital Workflow- Phase I

I gave an account of the first functions that need to occur in an electronic/digital workflow environment…


Meeting information, and it is on Blake Street and not Blaich Street!!


I gave personal accounts of why mentors are so important and who those mentors should be.  I also cited 2 examples of my mentors and gave accounts why they were mentors…


Finally, I gave an account of why I blog, how blogging can enhance your visibility for a book project or a career, and how other social media can be integrated into the blogging regimen…

It’s been a great week!  We’ll start it up again next week with more publishing tips from The Book Kahuna!

Twitter:  @thebookkahuna

CLICK HERE!!–> http://tiny.cc/bookkahuna1 <– CLICK HERE!!

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