New Blogging Website: Check out Kalatu Through the Empower Network!

I movedI’m writing this blog post to let you know that I haven’t abandoned blogging and left all of you hanging. I know that there have not been any postings on here since December, and I’m sorry about that because I enjoy writing, blogging and getting all my stories out into the mainstream.

I know there are people that like to read my stories and articles and of course some people who are not fond of how I put together a sentence, a paragraph or an article. I can no more stop writing and blogging than I could stop breathing. I enjoy the creative process of crafting sentences, paragraphs and the final post itself.

I am going to be exclusively blogging on a new platform. The genesis of this platform began about five months ago. I have been involved in a blogging platform through the Empower Network that was not as sophisticated as I wanted it to be. Within the last five months the new Kalatu blogging platform was rolled-out and replaced the original platform that was there when I started blogging with Empower. I am completely dedicated to the new blogging platform. This platform is easy to use, and the different templates available for your blogging website will let you build the site exactly the way you want it to look.

Please click the link below and take a look at the new blogging platform. You will not be disappointed if you decide to join me in blogging on the new Kalatu platform.

Watch this video:

Now click this link NOW:

I am also attaching two videos to this blog post. The one video is my video about why and how I’m changing to this new blogging system, and the other is a video I produced for you, the authors and bloggers who need help in the area of residual finance and sales.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them for you.

I hope you will visit my new site and read all of my upcoming blog posts, but if you decide not to follow it has been a wonderful ride to have you all checking out my content whenever you got a chance. Thank you for taking the time to read one of my blogs every now and then.

Best regards

The Book KahunaThe Book Kahuna

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