WUKAR? What is this WUKAR?

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About two months ago I received an email from a business associate and friend who was telling me about a new venture he was involved with. I read through the email and thought a little bit about it but didn’t really give it another thought. I was just then getting ready for my trip to Florida and New York, and did not really have any time to think about any new business ventures that I could put onto the front burner.

Watch this video first!

When I finished my traveling in early September, around September 7 to be exact, I decided to go back to this email and take a look and see exactly what my friend was talking about. There was a link attached to a Google hangout that had been recorded in August and the instructions were very matter of fact, “just watch the hangout and contact me if you have any questions later.”

Now I’m not exactly a born skeptic, but I do like to check into things before I actually make a move. There is something to be said for due diligence when you take a risk in your financial future. I’ve been a couple of ventures before that did not turn out all that well. That being said, if you base your entire life on previous bad experiences and never make a move or take a risk, then you are putting yourself in the position to never grow and advance. As we all know, some of the best innovations and inventions in process and industry were the result of numerous a continual failures.

With trembling fingers I clicked on the link and started to watch the Google hangout. As I watch this video unfold two things struck me:

  1. That Tony Rush and John Lavenia were involved in this project.
    • These are two men that I admire and respect who have already made a huge niche in the network marketing arena. What I was hearing put me in a position where I would have the opportunity to meet and deal directly with these two icons of the home-based business industry. For me, that was a step in the right direction to get me on board.
  2. When I heard that Matt Trainer was involved with the project, I went back and did some digging and found that this guy is the real SEO deal!
    • In watching how he related that he was not a fan of MLM or anything remotely associated with that type of business venture, I knew that this was someone worthy of respect and possible subordination as a business associate. When I heard that Matt was putting millions of dollars on hold to be part of this project that is what sealed the deal for me.

I have worked in corporate America for a long time, and I know that there are people out there who are looking for answers to financial questions. Can I stay home and raise my kids without leaving them with someone else while I go to work? Can I take a vacation whenever I want to and put my business on hold while it runs itself? Can I build multiple streams of income that will sustain me and give me enough residuals for a healthy and happy retirement in my later years?

The answer to these questions is: It is very possible to do everything you have asked!  Taking the next step would be to view the videos I have embedded in this blog post.  As Robert Kiyosaki wrote in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you must have multiple streams of income to make a viable residual financial safety net.  If you have reservations, just become a free member and take advantage of the CASH-BACK initiative.

If you are looking to change your life and be part of a new financial experience, I invite you and welcome you to do some homework and watch the videos that are embedded in this blog post. Any questions that you have please contact me and let me know, but since this is all new and moving at the speed of light the videos are our main reference point right now.


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