The Seinfeld Paradigm: A Blog About Nothing (but Dishes!)

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The day was cold and blustery. No, that’s not a good way to start.

The boy stood on the burning deck. I don’t really think so.

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times. It was lunch-time at the watch factory.

Sometimes there is no input that strikes you to start a new blog post. I recently did a blog post about my 7000 mile journey. During the course of that journey I had to pack some of my belongings that were still at my mother’s house. In going through all of the essentials that she still had in her attic and basement, I came across one old friend or actually a few old friends that I decided needed to come to Colorado with me on this journey.

Dish 3

It seems like only yesterday when George, Elaine, Kramer, and Jerry left the scene for the last time. There were no more discussions at Tom’s Diner. No new interactions on Van Delay industries in Jerry’s apartment. No more interactions between George Costanza and the back of George Steinbrenner’s head. The show was over, and NOTHING had changed.

Dish 2

The reason why bring up all of this Seinfeld imagery, is because of the very special bond that I had with the show. In 1993 I moved out into my first apartment. Now you might say I was a late bloomer in getting out of the nest (or shoved out), but in his capacity of moving out into my first new place I needed all the essentials that someone would need for a new apartment. I needed shower curtains, I needed glassware, I needed silverware and everything else that you might need as a young man moving out on his own.

Dish 4

One of the things that I was given by my sister to help ease the transition was a set of dishes. Now these dishes were not fancy, they were not ornate, they did not have flowery patterns, they were minimal. Minimalism was king with these dishes as they were just a dark shade of blue. To me they were the classiest dishes ever imagined because they were mine. There is something to be said for pride in ownership in whatever you do. Something that is yours is always set on a pinnacle and nurtured and respected. It did not matter to me that these dishes were probably from Walmart, it mattered to me that I now had the tools that I could use to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To pull back to the Seinfeld imagery, the show had been on for about two years when I moved into my new place. As I started watching the show, there were more and more interactions between Jerry and the cast in his apartment. On several different occasions Jerry was seen to take dishware out of a cabinet. And since this was a show about nothing, the dishware had to be the height of minimalism. They were the same dark blue dishes that I was using for my daily meals.

Dish 1

From that point on, I always referred to my dishware as the “Seinfeld” dishes. They acquired quite a following within my family and even became a conversation piece whenever they showed up on the show. You can look back at some the old episodes in syndication, and still see my old friends starring in some of the episodes. It may have been a show about nothing, but my minimalist dishes let me eat many a breakfast, lunch and dinner in my NOTHING apartment, and that is SOMETHING.

I could write much more about my dishes, but yada,yada, yada!

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