The Business Batting Cage!

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If anyone knows anything about me it’s that I am a baseball fan. And if you dig deeper under the veneer you will immediately know that being a baseball fan for me is completely intertwined with being a New York Yankee fan. Baseball is a game of constant repetition. The plays are practiced over and over ad infinitum until the players can actually perform the various plays in their sleep. As in business, baseball has its mentors and coaches that take the players through the various drills and scenarios. The one coach who is valued more than the others is the hitting coach.

Great hitters have an ingrained talent. An average hitter can have games of greatness, but will never be a great hitter over the long haul. In the early 1980s when George Brett hit .390, he said the baseball looked as big as a beach ball every time it was thrown at him. He could swat the ball wherever he wanted at will. Not every player is a George Brett, or a Tony Gwynn, or even a Derek Jeter, but a hitting coach can enhance the talents that a player has and make that player have flashes of brilliance every once in a while.

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I just got off the Empower Network Monday night call. The person who was the master of ceremonies for this evening was Aaron Rashkin. The more I hear the stories of the people involved in this particular company, the more I wonder how could all of these people band together and have so many similar experiences in their past? Again, Aaron went through incredible amounts of failure before achieving the financial success that he enjoys today. Thinking upon this gratitude for achievement would not be as great if there had not been a level of hardship to overcome. The obstacles become anathema to the story and the story becomes the selling tool to give others hope that a Dickensian rise from rags is possible for anyone who takes the tools and applies the system. The most important thing that I got from tonight’s phone call was not the actual story itself, but the story behind the story. The story behind the story can be put in a very short phraseology: Leave your ego at the door! If you cannot harness all of the internal doubts and contradictions that could possibly make you deviate from what you’re being told by your mentors and coaches within the Empower Network you will lose out.

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As with baseball, the core commitments are the batting tee for future success. If you can take those core commitments and use them without fail, the road to a successful business will be wide open. You’ll be riding in the HOV lane to final success. I know that at times I have a problem with listening to instructions that deviate from the various aspects that I think are correct. I have circumvented all of those feelings and subverted them as well just to make sure that I catch every nuance of what my team leaders are saying. They are the ones who made $250,000 in the last 18 months, and I want to be one of the ones who make $1 million by next year. That is what the Empower Network instills in those who take up the challenge to build their own piece of success with a home-based business.

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