Self-Realization Time Travel! #GETTOCHARLOTTE

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Did you ever wonder if there’s a part of your mind that can take you on a trip through time?

Did you ever think that you could hover over your body and see yourself in the future after certain goals and events had taken place and come to a successful conclusion?

Now that I’m involved with the Empower Network, I started diligently going through all of the modules and especially those in the $15K formula.

In the first module in the $15K formula, Dave Wood lays out some of the steps that it takes to get your mind to focus on where you need to be. The first thing he had us do was to specifically build a goal structure based on a three-month timeframe. In 90 days your goal or goals should be accomplished based on what you were experiencing in self-realization. The complete set of goals should be a stretch of your resolve and experience base, but they should be attainable nonetheless. If you follow his step-by-step instructions on getting your goals to align with a self-realization technique, then the fun begins.

In this module, Dave had us imagine we are three months ahead of the date we are at today. In this time travel we are now thinking how easy it was to complete the goals that we had set for ourselves three months before. We are thinking about a vacation to celebrate and also feeling the sunlight coming through the window, smelling a nice pot of coffee ready to drink, touching the keyboard as I’m going into my back office to see how many commissions came in today. All of the senses have to be involved in this exercise. I now understand what he’s doing. If you can get your entire group of senses attuned to the successes that will occur on one specific day and also have a snapshot mind’s-eye image at the same time, this is just mind-boggling. I have used this technique in methodology and know that I will continue to use it going forward in this business.

Why does this self-realization, self-hypnosis work for anyone who tries it? The answer would lie in the fact that the people who are actually doing this visualization so greatly outnumber those who won’t or don’t that the success rate of those who actually perform this ritual should be staggering in comparison with those who do not.

Dave Wood is not your ordinary CEO. He’s not a guy in a suit and tie, wearing Bruno Mali shoes, but he is a guy who knows how to motivate and push the right buttons in his company structure to make things happen and happen in a big way. Does self-realization time travel work for everyone? I do not know the answer to this question, but I do know that one of the ones who is going to make it work for him is writing this blog post. Thank you for giving us such a great tool to use in envisioning our success and  building our financial freedom.  We owe you one Dave Wood!

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