From Loss Comes Resolve!

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Yesterday I had to go online and do some shopping. I have never had to buy this product before, I did not know where to go and I really did not know what I was looking for. It’s a product that everyone at some point in time will need to purchase, but will probably be in the same boat that I am and be completely clueless as to where to go or what to do to make this purchase. Now when I say everyone will eventually have to make this purchase, it’s a pretty good possibility that everyone will have to make this purchase at some point during their lifetime. It was probably one of the most painful shopping ventures I’ve ever had to make.

Last night I purchased an urn for Susan’s ashes.

The sentence above is one that I never ever wanted to write or hear myself utter. Unfortunately, there is no escaping this reality. We were together for roughly 6 ½ to 7 years, and the last 10 months were pretty rocky. I know I’m only supposed to discuss my story when I am successful, but getting to a successful outcome without including the human aspects of my story would be counterproductive.

Why My Story?

After going through a very intensive Masters program in Publishing, my company chose to lay me off after 8 ½ years of dedicated service. This took place in February 2013. With the economy the way it was and is and job prospects the way they were and still are, my meager severance and retirement quickly started to run out.  Susan had been my fiancée for roughly 4 ½ years, and my inability to find employment or get to a point where I was getting an influx of payment somehow had a detrimental effect on our relationship and split us apart. I will regret this for the rest of my life. I will regret that I let other people evaluate my worth and value in the workplace.  I will always regret that I was not there for her as I had been on other occasions in the past.  I will regret forever that we do not get to grow old together.  I will see myself age and become more infirmed as the years go by, but Susan will always be 43 years-old, a sad statement for someone who loved and had a zest for life.

Change to Grow and Prosper!

This is one of those times in my life when I am being kicked in the ass and being told by the universe and God in particular, make your own way in this world through the sweat of your brow and innovation of your brain. No one owes you anything and no one is about to help you and that is why you must continuously find ways to reinvent yourself in an entrepreneurial way. Sitting back and waiting for the government to do anything to help is a recipe for disaster. Use the principles that Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich and build a future that will ensure financial security from this day forward.

This one’s for you “Baby Love”

I will always remember Susan.  She has a special place within my heart that can never be touched. I will do things to remember her and I will do things in her memory going forward. The best thing that I can do to honor her is to get myself fiscally fit. She was a CPA Auditor for the National Science Foundation and always gave me a hard time about my finances. I will use everything in my power to pay off all loans and creditors and get my financial house in order. When I am finished, I hope she will be proud of me.  I was always so very proud of her and her accomplishments.

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