Topsy-Turvy Innovation 2!

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A few weeks ago I did a blog post about how I was trying to find the topsy-turvy planters for my seedling tomato plants. There were none to be found at any of the big warehouse hardware and home supply stores. Finally one of the managers at Walmart gave me the key: just take an old planter and pop a hole through the bottom and make your own topsy-turvy. Luckily I had some old hanging baskets that I could use as an experiment to see if this would work with one of my tomato plants.


Fruit on the Vine

Last night while I was watering all of my tomato plants I noticed that the plant in the jerry-rigged topsy-turvy had a very small tomato on the vine. I was overjoyed to see this and the reason is that it showed my invention was actually working better than I had ever anticipated. Upon noticing this one tomato, I began to look at all of the branches on all of the other tomato plants in the topsy-turvy’s. Not one of the other tomato plants has a tomato on any of the branches. I’m not sure whether this has to do with the fact that this particular tomato hybrid grows faster than the others or if there are any other reasons why this particular plant would already have a tomato on it. I do think it’s pretty coincidental that the one plant that is in the innovated planter is the one that seems to be thriving and doing the best of all of my plants.

The plant analogy is a good one to compare to your business. Your business needs TLC, constant nurturing and influxes of knowledge which are akin to the plant food for the tomato plant. If you continually feed and water your business it will bear fruit at the end. The continued growth will only come about through nurturing and time investment to make sure that your message and word are heard clearly by the audience. I know from seeing this tomato that my business is on the upswing. I can feel the electricity and the vibration that is beginning to reverberate around what I am doing. I have noticed that all of my YouTube videos are getting more and more views. I am also noticing that my blog posts are getting more and more views than ever before. It’s just a matter of time before my business will explode successfully. The content I’m producing is the finest that I can create. I am very much looking forward to building a team for my Empower Network. I know that there are people out there who are looking for something different and could thrive in an opportunity like the Empower Network.

Can you re-plant and begin a journey?

I know that my success is dependent upon all of the steps that I take day in and day out. Those steps include but are not limited to: blogging, videos, guest blogging, hangouts, audio podcasts, educational readings and educational webinars and hangouts. I want to take my business to the next level and I feel that the time is right to build a team. See all of my contact information below and connect with me if you are willing to think differently and start a new adventure.  The information that I’m getting from within the Empower Network is golden and will help me in every aspect of my business going forward.

What choice will you make?

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