Kiyosaki: Multiple Streams of Income!

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The other day I posted a video of Robert Kiyosaki on the Oprah program. During the discussion, Robert was talking about how financial independence can be accelerated by setting up a home-based business. By doing this you are going to avoid the tax bracket of being an employee, and will reap the benefits of being a business owner. This was very sage advice from the man who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Kiyosaki:  The Money “Zen” Master

Another take away from many of the discussions that I’ve heard Robert give focuses on having multiple streams of income. Now, if you are an employee and you do set up a home-based business, the goal is to take some of the excess capital and invest it in real estate properties or other assets that will provide a cash-flow stream. I’ve always thought this is extremely important to anyone who wants to be a business owner and entrepreneur. The reason to diversify assets is that some business ventures could have an element of risk involved and at some future time start to downgrade from the initial cash-flow expectations.

I’m Taking What Their Givin

Anyone who has been an employee and depends on that particular corporate structure for payment to maintain a lifestyle knows that having alternate sources of cash flow could be a deal-breaker on maintaining financial health and independence. The main objective that Robert Kiyosaki outlines in his books and in his live events has to do with changing your mindset. The most important organ you have in your body is the one between your ears. The brain can be reprogrammed to think in any way that will bring a beneficial result. The problem is that everyone is taught from an early age how to be an employee. The real lesson that should be taught is how to build a business. Another lesson that should be taught is how to deal with money, and know an asset from a liability.

Hey Maverick, Where’s Goose?

When you begin to change your mindset there is the possibility that you will come out of alignment with friends and family. Since everyone is programmed the same way to think about money and jobs, you are a maverick and skirting the rules of normality which throws everyone’s game off. Do not be dissuaded from your final focus. The Mavericks of the world are the ones who actually make the changes. The people who sit back and stay at their jobs are the ones who are sometimes unhappy and unfulfilled. If you can build a bridge to your own future based on the sweat and knowledge from your brow and brain, you will thank yourself later on in life tenfold.

Build Your Own Financial Bridge

There are some people who are absolutely not made to be entrepreneurs. Work, no matter what you do, is an honorable endeavor. The problem with trading time for wages: You will never get rich working for someone else. There will always be a governor and an upper limit to how much money you will be allowed to make. Conversely, if you work for yourself and build your own corporate enterprise, the sky is the limit on how much you can make. I’m choosing to build my own future, will you join me?

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