Emotions as Motivational Tools! Grief…

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There are some fundamental truths that are universal to everyone on this planet. We are all born, we all eat, and we all drink water. Another fundamental truth that we all must face is that we will all deal with the loss of loved ones along this journey called Life. It’s not something you can escape from. There is no way to pay your way out and no matter whom you are, rich or poor, you will have to grieve at some point during your life. This is what makes us human. This is what makes us know that we are alive. How you deal with this emotion is one of the puzzles wrapped within the enigma of the human experience.

The Choices

My own grief is deep. I have two choices:

1. I could retreat within myself and be consumed by self-doubt and motion paralysis. This would not be conducive to any constructive endeavor.

2. I can take all of these feelings, all of this sadness, all of this incredible angst, and channel it to mold and construct something that will be beneficial to me in the future and a living memorial for the loved one I lost.

Some of the most incredible artwork, sculptures, and musical compositions have been crafted by artists who were in the throes of deep sadness and melancholy for a loved one who had passed. The feelings will not subside quickly and time will be the only salve that will make the wound less painful but never gone. I know there are people out there like me, people who are hurting and are looking to channel their incredible hurt into something creative. I urge you to join with me and unleash your inner talents to create a financial structure that will be beneficial to you and your entire family going forward. If you can take your hurt, your sadness, and tap into the universal feelings and emotions that all human beings on this planet feel, you can move on and help yourself with the healing process.

Use your Inner Force to Create

I will never forget, nor do I want to ever forget, the happy times that I shared with Susan. As I said in one of my Facebook posts that was a direct quote from the Bard: “It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all.”  I know there are people out there who are hurting, and can easily understand the pain that I am feeling at this point. I ask you to join with me and channel and focus all of your emotions toward a different outcome. Together you and I can help each other and overcome our tragedies while building a bridge that will secure us financially in a future time.

My Condolences

Anyone out there who has suffered the loss of a loved one is in my thoughts and prayers at this very sad painful time. I know how you feel firsthand. If you can find it in some deep recess of your being to completely focus your attention you can channel all of this pain and hurt and have it do an incredible amount of good for you and your family in the long run.

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