Book Review: Dealing With Danger by John Higgs

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I will be having a Google Hangout-Pub Talk! interview session with one of my fellow Toastmasters, John Higgs. John has written the book Dealing With Danger: Be Prepared, Aware and Decisive. John and I thought about getting together and doing an interview in the recent past, but now that I have read the book I am pretty sure we will soon be accelerating the process to make sure that we do the Google hangout quickly. I’m looking forward to my conversation with John on video.

This book is chock full of helpful information on how you should deal with certain uncomfortable events. There is no real way to know who is ready to do you harm, but reading this book will give you a much better understanding of how you can increase your vigilance and reduce your probabilities of being a statistic at one time or another.

This book brought me back to a time in New York City when the possibilities of a terrorist attack were in the back of my mind at all times. The year was 1991 and we were getting ready to fight the Gulf War. I read an article in the New York Times that mentioned that many people who traveled on the trains and subways in New York were purchasing Israeli gas masks to thwart any insertion of poison/toxic gases into the subway system or train stations. At this particular time I was working at McGraw-Hill and I decided that, come what may, I was not going to purchase a gas mask. Call me a fatalist; call me a young man of 30 who has no fear in his chosen field or in his life; or call me a guy who did not want to part with $150 for a gas mask!

The book covers all avenues of danger from home invasions to fires and terrorist attacks. The analogy that John uses throughout the book of a junkyard dog protecting the yard is an ingenious way to amplify and focus on the needed vigilance to stay protected. The color-coded warnings that he has included from the Marine Corps designations are descriptive and extremely helpful. The best parts of this book are the halftones. The book is illustrated throughout and I didn’t notice this until I looked at the photos a little closer that John plays the attacker in most of the photographs.

It is said that in this day and age we actually have to think about predators and attackers who might do us harm. Natural disasters will always be with us so being vigilant and prepared is just a part of life. The man-made disasters are the ones that are more intense because they are reflective of a one-on-one situation. John has crafted a book that everyone should read and implement the plans and tactics in an overall protective strategy for safety.

“If we can win every intermediate battle in our lives, whether it is avoiding a car accident, an earthquake, or drowning, or winning a fight or surviving an attack, it enables us to continue with our lives to enjoy the good things and the good people that make our lives worthwhile.” –John Higgs, Dealing With Danger

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