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The Book Kahuna

At the suggestion of a friend, I signed up to start listening to webinars by a guy named Jim Edwards, who is also known as the “Webinar King.” Now Jim has an extensive background in marketing and publishing and has been working on the electronic digital frontier for roughly the last 20 years. After a few different suggested times I finally signed up for Jim’s series of webinars. This is probably one of the best decisions that I have made. Jim has a very easy self-deprecating style that makes him the everyman when you listen to his loquacious delivery. He’s been doing webinars every Wednesday from 11 to noon Colorado time, and I’ve been tuning in without fail for roughly the past three months.

The Webinar King!

In early January Jim did a series of webinars based on writing. His theory was that you needed to have a basis of income keeping you afloat while you are building the rest of your content marketing business. One of the things that was suggested was to take an egg timer from the kitchen and set it for 20 to 25 minutes daily. In this way you would force yourself to write at least 20 to 25 minutes per day. As you continue to write daily for 20 to 25 minutes your expertise in sentence structure and correct grammar will coalesce and over time you will be a much more proficient and entertaining writer.

Practice, Practice, Practice

I found this quote in the past but it’s continuously attributed to Jerry Seinfeld. Now Jerry and said that to become an “expert in comedy, you have to write comedy skits or bits every day.” You have to write every day without fail, no excuses no missing for any reason you have to work your craft. The Jim Edwards webinar on writing content in a structured format brought this back into the forefront. You have to force yourself to write for 20 to 25 minutes to make an impression and have that become a good habit. Studies have shown that changing or adding a certain function and continuously following through with that function for at least 20 days consecutively will modify your behavior and turn that function into a new habit. Jeff Olson in The Slight Edge also spoke eloquently about changing habits for the better and making these habits occurrences that are followed through more often than not.

The Writing Challenge

I am in the beginning of this writing challenge. I honestly don’t have a problem with writing, I love to write. I welcome anyone else who would like to let me know that they’re taking this challenge as well. The challenge centers on writing 20 to 25 minutes per day. Also, you must be continuously posting written blogs and vlog posts for the next 45 days. I’m planning on doing a written blog and a corresponding video blog each and every day. As Dick Vitale would say, “It’s all about the content baby!” As I kick off this content frenzy I will make a point to let you know how things are going with the writing and vlogging. An even better way to keep track of this content construction would be to follow my blog and vlog.

And for all writers and authors I announce with a hearty “commence”, time to begin the continuous challenge. Get your Egg Timers ready and start the writing process today.


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