Anatomy of a Photograph

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book Kahuna

There are times in life when you get to a certain point and know that an image in your mind can be projected to an audience without ever having to say a word. I found a spot that I’ve always wanted to photograph and decided that today was the day to go and take the aforementioned photograph at this particular hill. It was a beautiful day, with wispy, white cotton clouds that made the day feel much warmer than it actually was.

I took off on my motorcycle knowing full well that I had other errands that I needed to run, but I stopped at a store to pick up some gas and was ready to snap some pictures. If you look at this picture you can see the wispy clouds, the rolling hillocks and the unabashed beauty that is this fair state, Colorado. Having this panoramic view only 5 miles from the back door is something that defies a definition. I am always taken aback by the beauty that surrounds me whenever I go outside my front door. Colorado was a wonderful state to live in and can be used as an allegory for your own life, plans and business ventures.


If you look at this picture closely you can see the down-slope from Broomfield heading west towards the Flatiron Mountains. The question becomes what caught your eye first, was it the rolling gradient down to the valley? Or was it the majestic peak off in the distance surrounded by wispy clouds. How you view this photo could be a doorway into how you view many other aspects of your life. I always look at the mountain peak first. I’m focused on where I want to go and I’m looking up to see the summit of the final destination. I only begin to transverse the valley with my eyes once I have gotten a complete rejuvenation of spirit from viewing the distant peak.


There are many ways to look at a picture. You can see only the objects within the picture for what they are, you can get a spiritual essence of the various aspects, or you can completely disengage from any type of spiritual thought process and just see a nice picture. I like to view this picture as one that mirrors the struggles we face in our lives. The final summit off in the distance is a goal we are striving to achieve. The valley below us would be all of the adversity that we must face and overcome to climb to the top of that peak. We may see a huge challenge before us, but nothing is insurmountable if you believe in yourself.

Take the leap and begin to believe in yourself. Later on in life your old-self will thank your young self.


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