Publishing Travel: Sleep at Some Great Airports!


Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

Now Boarding at Gate 32…  :

There are times in your publishing life when you will be forced to go through the rituals of travel.  Now I’m not opposed to traveling, I actually really enjoy traveling when I reach the final destination. The initial planning, packing, getting to the airport, and going through security are the parts to travel that detract from the experience. Last week I had to travel on business to West Virginia.   I was flying out of DIA and landing in Pittsburgh roughly an hour and a half later. I would be spending one day in the office meeting with everyone for this particular client. The trip to Pittsburgh was extremely turbulent and the fasten seatbelt sign was almost never turned off during the entirety of the trip. The flight attendants did make a run to give us beverages, but as soon as they completed the transit of the entire plane they were forced to sit down and put their seatbelts back on.

East Coast Bound

The trip to Pittsburgh took place last Monday. On Tuesday, I met with the team of individuals I could possibly be working with. I had prepared my presentation which was a video, I spoke with the Dean at West Virginia University, I met with all of the people in the department, and we all went out and had a nice lunch at a barbecue place. Once the interview process was completed I headed back to Pittsburgh where everything was falling into place like dominoes. I returned my Rent-A-Car, I checked in for my flight, and I sat down to begin reading. The flight took off about 25 to 30 minutes late, and this could actually be one of the reasons why the story goes in the direction that it goes. We took off, and flew directly to O’Hare airport in Chicago, and that’s where things started to go awry. We landed at roughly 8 PM, and my connecting flight to Denver was at 8:50 PM. Now you would think there would be enough time in there to get me from one gate to another on my own power, but things did not work out that way. I’ve constructed a video blog that has different snippets from the night that I spent at O’Hare, and I am attaching that video to this particular blog post as well.

The Moral

Back in 2012, I was on a flight from New York to Dulles airport in Washington DC that was delayed due to weather as well. There was a terrible thunderstorm and hailstorm in New York City, which kept us from reaching Dulles in time for me to make my connecting flight to Denver.   I ended up sleeping in Dulles Airport.  The next flight to Denver was the following morning, and I had to get a connecting flight in Chicago at O’Hare!

The moral of this entire story:  Always Book Direct Flights with NO CONNECTIONS!


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