The Ride of a Lifetime

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!


This is an ongoing series of videos and blog posts detailing how I am progressing through my speeches in my Toastmasters group. I belong to a Toastmasters group in Louisville, Colorado that has been designated the “Speak with Ease” group. Last night I gave my fifth speech in the group. The fifth speech in the Competent Communicator’s Handbook is all about using your body language to add enthusiasm and extra significance to each individual part of your speech. For a speaker to be successful, they must be able to use movement and body language to convey various aspects of the storyline.  Using movements, facial expressions and gestures will maintain the audience’s attention for the complete duration of the speech.

To view my speech please start the YouTube video embedded below.


The Book Kahuna

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