Marketing: The Science that Drives the Sale!

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book Kahuna

I just recently started a marketing intensive to expand my business. I’ve often thought that getting traffic to your website was as simple as making it a “form follows function” well-designed site. The theory in my mind was that if you build it they will come. I have completely reevaluated and readjusted my thinking to the fact that you must put great content out into the field, you must have a doorway that people will find functionally easy to operate, and you must have value for those who come to your site.

I’ve had many people in the past ask me about my business. I am building digital reference materials for authors who do not want to get ripped off when having their books published. This could be in print format or could be in e-book format but there are many people out there who are taking advantage of authors, new and established, who just want to get their stories told.

My other focus is to help those who are new to the publishing industry climb up the ladder as quickly as possible. The publishing industry is notoriously slow in advancing pay for those who work within its ranks, but by taking and making some very easy changes in steps you can get to the corner office in a much more streamlined fashion.

How does marketing play at the wall of this?

What can I do to increase the traffic to my sites?

How I get the word out to as many people as possible that I am unknown quantity in my field?

I have been pondering these questions for the last few months. I have built a social media platform, and I’ve also reached out to many highly regarded executives in my field for interviews. The content I am producing is of the highest quality and includes blog-posts, videos, interviews, Google Hangout’s, and podcasts. I think the major point that I need to key on is that I’ve been looking at this as an overall process instead of 2 separate targets. When I say “an overall process,” I have been marketing to authors and new publishing professionals all in the same communications. The targets must be more focused. The content must continue to be of the highest quality. The posts must be consistently timely.

I am thinking that now I have in my power the ability to build my business the way that I want it to be built. Being a publishing leader means taking risks, challenging yourself beyond all means, and making sure that what you produce is the highest quality material imaginable.

I am learning and will continue to learn but I know one thing for sure: I will be successful!


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