Using the Smile as a Tool in Business

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!


The Book Kahuna

I started to think recently about the best ways that you can get ahead and stay positive in the workplace. I remember reading many articles that talked about the most underutilized tool in the employee’s arsenal. That tool is the smile.
People want to be around those who are upbeat and happy as they do their jobs. Now it is not humanly possible to be happy at all times, but even if you can screw on a smile when times are not going all that well, this will be a help to you in the future. The dour countenance is not one that people want to be around for any length of time. The person who is always smiling, positive and goes the extra mile to get the job completed with a spring in their step: that is the person who gets noticed.


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A Healthy Smile…
Smiling has health benefits as well. If you use those muscles in your face to keep smiling, then this also has a positive impact on your outlook. And as amazing as this may seem, Smiling has a great impact on those around you.
For all the publishing newbies out there: Just remember to smile and things will eventually fall into place. Make it a choice and choose to be happy!



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