Toastmasters Table Topics Competition!

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book Kahuna

I have not recently done a blog post about Toastmasters, but I thought today was a good day to catch up on where I’ve been a where I am going. To be a coach in the publishing industry you have to be able to get your words out effectively and succinctly in order to communicate with those who could be possible clients and future clients. I have found that I highly enjoy the interaction with an audience and this could be troublesome for my publishing competition in the future.

Speech Number 4—Competent Communicator

On Wednesday, March 18, I gave my fourth speech to the “Speak with Ease” Toastmasters group in Louisville, Colorado. The reason why I chose this particular Toastmasters group was that they come highly recommended by people I respect and trust. They have won a distinguished Presidents award ribbon, which only 1% of the Toastmasters groups in the US are awarded, every year for the past nine years. If you want to test your mettle against the best speakers, you go to where the best speakers are speaking. In my eight months with this club I have been completely impressed with all of my fellow Toastmasters and have never regretted my decision to join this particular Toastmasters club. I am humbled to be among these many excellent speakers.  I am attaching the YouTube video of my speech on March 18 for your viewing pleasure. The name of my speech was “Re-invention”, and yes that hyphen supposed to be there because that is how I titled this particular speech.

Table Topics

Today I represented my group at the area E5 Table Topics Speech Contest. I spent many a long hour practicing for this competition. I practiced not so much for my own edification but because I did not want to represent my group badly. I was able to secure second place in my first attempt in a Toastmasters competition. I am very happy with the way things worked out and I am looking forward to future competitions where I will be much more successful. I was told that the voting on this particular contest was razor close. I know that my speeches can only get better from here and I am very much looking forward to the next few months and years working with my fellow Toastmasters in the “Speak with Ease” group.

Table Topics Competition

Table Topics Competition

Speak with Ease

The one thing I can say with absolute confidence is that I walked into a room with 40 to 60 people I did not know and spoke for two minutes with authority on a topic that I’d just been given five seconds before. (There were 6-8 members of my group there, but the majority of the people were strangers.) The topic I was given had to do with what superpower I wished I had and how I would use it. The basis for my two-minute speech was that the power is knowledge. Knowledge is contained in the public library. The public library is basically the Batcave of advancing your own professional and personal development. As Matt Damon said in Good Will Hunting:  “Everything you need to know for a complete university education is contained in the public library.”  I am paraphrasing of course, but this is a true fact.


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I will be continuing blog posts on Toastmasters and my speaking development as topics transpire. If you want to help your speech and advance your career, there is nothing better you can do then to find your local Toastmasters group and start speaking your words out!


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