5% Get the Slight Edge! Are You One of Them?

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The Book Kahuna

I just finished reading the book by Jeff Olson entitled: The Slight Edge and wanted to share some of these insights with you in this blog post. Since this is a blog about books, and about publishing in all its myriad of forms, the slight edge is something that can set you apart.

What If…?

What if you could change a few habits in your life and build a platform for future success?

What if writing 3 items of gratitude daily could change your personal outlook?

What if you could mend relationships that had been torn asunder in the past?

What if you could implement successful strategies that the most successful CEOs do on a daily basis?

These are all questions that Jeff brought to the fore in this book. I was riveted from the beginning. His style is conversational and brings his”everyman” knowledge into the discussions even though he himself is an incredibly successful businessman. The humble beginnings, the struggles of growing up in a single-parent household after his father passed away are not lost on the reader. Jeff has crafted a tome that takes the reader on a journey to look in the mirror and dispel those habits that are a drag on success. He covers all the topics from health, finances, relationships, and planning.

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2 Great Analogies

I was most impressed with the analogies that Jeff laid out in such great writing. The analogy of the old man giving his sons a choice between the purse with the penny and the credit card for $1 million that needed to have action taken within the next 30 days. Having learned some of the lessons of compounding, I knew where this discussion was going.  I knew that the choice of the penny was actually the right choice but sifted through the entire discussion as Jeff laid the foundation for what was to come in the later chapters. The other analogy of the frogs in the milk bucket also resonated with me. Even when you are facing the trials of adversity it is better to continue fighting then to give up and sink to the bottom of the milk. There is always a chance that your continued struggles will churn you to a solid foundation that will be a launch-point for future success in your business endeavors. As the old adage goes “It is always darkest before the dawn” and continued persistence and what I like to call “dogged determination” will see you through to the next battle in your climb upward.

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Small Changes, Big Pay-off

The book is adept at bringing to light the fact that the little changes you make over time will grow and yield positive results. Another analogy in the book has to do with exercise. If you can only do one sit-up today, and you can do two sit-ups tomorrow, and add-on to this total another sit up as the progression and days continue, by the end of day 100 you will be doing 100 sit-ups a day. The book can be seen to make the case for chunking. Do not look at the problem or challenge as a whole, but look at a small chunk and focus on that first. Once you have successfully completed the action needed to finalize that piece move on to the next chunk and start focusing on that piece of the puzzle. As you move forward completing different chunks eventually you will have the entire problem solved.

Read it, Buy it, Live it!

This is a great book and a great resource. Some of the other business mentors that Jeff has mentioned in this book are Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, and Jim Rohn. These are all icons in the world of business and healthy lifestyle progression.  I want to thank the Broomfield Public Library (Mamie Doud Eisenhower) for purchasing this book at my behest. Now that I have read it I will be implementing all of the suggested strategies for changing my personal outlook and business focus. I will be purchasing this book to keep in my personal library as a reference for the future. Great job Jeff Olson!


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