What Is This Baby? BookBaby!

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The Book Kahuna

When an author starts the process of self-publishing, a 5-tool coach who knows the ins and outs of the production-manufacturing process can be invaluable in getting to the final stage for format distribution. Many independent publishers have had an easier time getting the final files to the printer or EPUB files ready to load as e-books then the marketing and sales functions for their particular title. A new enterprise from the people who initiated CD Baby is ready to be unveiled. Their newest author homepage, BookBaby, an author landing page will be integrated through the marketing tools, BookShop.


This material was written up in a press release on the DBW website under the headline: BookBaby Launches Direct-to-Consumer Book Retail Platform for Authors. This will be a centralized landing-place where anyone who is interested in the author’s title will be able to find various distribution centers where the title is available. The BookBaby people put it this way:

“Having a page on BookBaby is free for everyone, even if they don’t want to use us for distribution,” says director of marketing Kevin Breuner. “Their pages have links to the places where people can buy their work. And with BookShop, authors can market their work directly from their pages to readers, setting their own prices, as well as going through all the other outlets. We’ve learned a great deal running CD Baby, and we’re applying it to this. We’re working for the authors.”1

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BookBaby, OOH Baby

This could be an incredible boon for anyone who is thinking about getting a title published.  It will alleviate the worry of how to get the word out about their title online. Anything that centralizes the process and puts more control in the hands of the author to create a viral buzz about their own product is a good thing. There are so many people under the guise of coaches and shepherds who take authors wallets for a ride when it comes to the actual marketing of the finished product. Using social media that can point back to the centralized location of a BookBaby page will enhance the prospects of getting that particular title into the hands of those who would like to buy it.

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“If BookBaby is the shop window, the display that lets buyers see what’s available, BookShop is where authors can get down to the nuts and bolts of business. With detail from oversized cover image to author info, book metadata, full customization and updating, as well as links to let people click-through and buy, it’s the perfect sales tool for any author. BookShop offers the direct sales of ebooks and PDFs to readers from the page.”2

Authors Need to Write, Not Sell

For the most part, authors are not adept at marketing and selling. Their real passion and forte is writing and finalizing the manuscript of their chosen subject matter. If this centralized location can give the authors a leg-up in starting the process of title dissemination, then it is a good thing all around. I wholeheartedly endorse any avenue that makes the book publishing process easier and more cost-effective for any first-time self publisher or any independent publisher in general. There are so many pitfalls that can become costly and lead nowhere that any companies that are proponents of author relations and process mitigations are clearly on the right track. Since self-publishing is booming, let’s hope more websites and companies get on the author bandwagon to help out in the future.

Blast Off!

As the press release said at the end:

“BookBaby is turning the page. It’s a whole new chapter in independent publishing.”3


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