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Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book Kahuna

I started blogging about three years ago. I’ve always loved to write and I thought that this would be a new creative outlet for me to get my words out into the public spotlight. I’m not one who writes for other people’s praise, I write because I love to write. There is freedom in putting together sentences, paragraphs and chapters in a coherent order. Why not look into a blogging system that can actually help to build a following in a business while you are doing something that you love?

I started The Book Kahuna because I wanted to be in a position to help authors and young professionals new to the publishing industry be successful in their chosen professional arenas. Authors need a hand because the publishing industry is not one that can be easily picked up without a very large learning curve taking place. People young to publishing are always put in a position where they have a passion to be part of an industry that for the most part does not pay all that well. This pay scale differential is what puts young publishing professionals in a position to look at moving up the ladder as quickly as possible. I know how this works because I have seen it firsthand having started in the publishing industry at $13,000 a year in 1984. Even by 1984 standards, this amount of yearly wage was pretty pitiful. The trick is to pick up what you can at publishing stops along the way, meet people and network, and continue looking so that you can get to the corner office.

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The Electronic/Digital Revolution in Book Publishing:  History, Industry Perspective (Print and E-book) and “How To” Publish Your E-book for Amazon Kindle

I Meet my Sponsor

At a CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) meeting in September, I happened to befriend my current sponsor in the Empower Network, Leslie Lane Peabody. She started to tell me that the Empower Network could actually be a good supplemental way to help me get my words out and also help to grow a thriving side business if I so desired. I resisted joining for a few months, and finally relented and joined in on one of the teleconference calls to hear what the Empower Network was all about through the team that Leslie was affiliated with “Team Have-It-All”. I was immediately struck by the camaraderie of the individuals in the group. There was a feeling that no one was going to be left behind and we were all focused on building a reliable and productive interdependent team. It was this family overview that pushed me to join and become part of this team and network.


I have always been gifted with being able to put words to paper. When I was in college one of my English professors kept urging me to go into creative writing. In my mind I currently look at it as the times have finally caught up to me with the Internet and blogging structures. I am now able to write and be creative on my terms. This is an extremely exhilarating feeling and since I am doing this anyway, being part of the Empower Network is a side benefit to help me grow multiple streams of income. I urge you all to read the disclaimer on my blog post about any future finances and revenue streams through the Empower Network. If I can get paid to build a structure and also to help people whether in my group or outside than the Empower Network is everything I need and can be the same for you.


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Check out the Disclaimer…

I urge you to click on the link and check out all that the Empower Network has to offer. It may not be something for you, or it may not be something that you can avail yourself of at this point in time, but just take a look and see for yourself what is transpiring with this viral blogging system.

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