Speech-To-Text Recognition Software: Writing Made Simple!

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The Book Kahuna

Now as I may have mentioned in a blog post before, I am definitely a gadget guy. I think technology is here to help us in any way, shape or form and to make various actions in our lives much easier than in days past. I am not the greatest typist in the world, and when it comes to writing blog posts it could take me roughly 2 hours to put down a couple of hundred words and get them up on my blog. I’ve been thinking about using some of the speech to text recognition software that is out on the market to speed the process.

I Speak, Therefore I Am

I’m not here to endorse any products but I just wanted to go through some of the occurrences as I have been using various software products to get to a finished blog post. Now in going through the Laptop Millionaire’s methodology, Mark Anastasi suggested that the speech-to-text software to use is the free Audacity software that you can download very easily. Unfortunately I was unable to get the Audacity software to download and extract on my laptop. So much for using Audacity as my speech-to-text software of choice.

My best friend advised me that if I had Microsoft Office 2007 there was built-in speech-to-text recognition software within the office utilities. I was overjoyed to hear this and thought that all of my problems would be solved by using this tool in the Microsoft Office Suite of utilities. I went into control panel, found the ease of access tab, then found the speech-to-text recognition and started to set up my microphone for immediate use. There might be an issue with this particular office tool being from the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite instead of the 2010 Microsoft Office Suite. The tool itself in the software may have been advanced to be more receptive to understanding particular words and phrases  in the 2010 version than in the 2007 version. I found myself continuously dictating and proofing lines, which was a drag on the time it takes to get a 500 to 700 word blog post completed. I knew that if I got to the point where I could just speak and my words would be written I could greatly increase the speed with which I completed blog posts and I could get them out for public viewing in half the time.

Rhymes with “Wagon”

A few months ago I started to see commercials on cable television about a new speech-to-text dictating software called Dragon. The speech to text recognition in the commercials gave me the impression that this software was highly skilled at picking up all the nuances of any and all dictated speech patterns. There are many products where the commercials are not truly reflective of the product in use, but after 2 to 3 months of watching and struggling with the Microsoft speech-to-text software I decided to take the plunge and pick up the Dragon software. Since I am in the process of doing 40 blog posts in 40 days, I thought the time was right to kickstart my dictation process and get my blog posts completed in a much quicker fashion. I could not have made a better decision.

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After initial installation from a downloaded file, the Dragon software had me read through a couple of passages of text at varying degrees of difficulty.  The first one was John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech, and the other being an excerpt from a Dilbert spin-off book about Dogbert’s management style. After completing these two and training my dictation software I can honestly say I’ve found the way to knock off blog posts in a very quick and succinct fashion. I now have the ability to spend a weekend to write the better part of an e-book that I can now place for sale on Amazon. I can knock off 10 articles very quickly. I can use my dictation software to write articles and copy for outside individuals.

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The Future is NOW

Dictation software like Dragon is not an option in this day and age for anyone who is going to be writing and authoring content for mass dissemination. It is not an option because it is a necessity.  I am extremely happy with the software.


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