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The Book Kahuna

Whether you work in publishing or not there is one part of being employed that no one can avoid. You work all week so that you can see a balance growing in your bank account. Everyone has a bank account hopefully, everyone has a savings account hopefully, and everyone deals with the bank in an ongoing situation.

Some Background

Let me give you a little background on my situation before I get into the details of this story:

1.   I was laid off on February 21, 2013 from my job at a publishing company that produces history reference materials.

2.  Before I could receive unemployment I had to exhaust all of the severance pay that I was given.

3. Unemployment would not tell me what my benefits would be or when they would start after the severance was gone.

4.  Having purchased a house in 2006 and seriously wanting to remain in the house and not living on the street, I was forced to take a lump sum payout of all of my 401(k) money that I had been saving for the past nine years working for this company in number one above.

5.  Once I had taken this lump sum payment, unemployment looked at it as income and then moved the effective date of my unemployment payments another five months further out. This forced me to exhaust all of my severance, all of my retirement money, and collect unemployment benefits that do not pay all of my bills.

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Working in publishing I’ve been laid off twice in the past 12 years and both times I have been forced to use 401(k) money to support myself so that I could actually live until a new employment situation was acquired. These two layoffs have drained me of over $100,000 of money that the old Book Kahuna would need to live on.

My story is not unique and I am not putting this into a blog post so that many people can start playing small violins, I give you this background so that you can have a better understanding of what I am about to relate. I’ve been paying my mortgage to a very large Midwest lending company. I’ve been paying my mortgage on time for the past seven years. I have never had a late payment. Before I was laid off my FICO score and credit rating were extremely high. All that has changed and fiscal survival is the only thing that is on my mind at this point in time.


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 All it Takes is $.77 Cents and a Dream

Last Friday, after saving the two unemployment pay periods necessary to pay my mortgage, I walked into my local branch and handed them a check for what I thought was the total amount of the payment plus another extra dollar. Unfortunately on my end I had miscalculated and my payment which totaled almost $2000 was $.77 short. What can you buy this day and age for $.77? Tuesday morning I received a phone call from my lending company hunting down the $.77. Apparently $.77 is a big deal to this particular company. The seven years of on-time paying and the last payment which was almost $100 over the stipulated mortgage payment does not mean very much. I was given a call from the mortgage department of this company because apparently they couldn’t process my check until the $.77 was received. They started asking all kinds of questions about whether the house was my primary residence, whether I was planning on staying there, if my payments would be late in the future and if I could pay the $.77 immediately.

Pass the Friskies Buffet and the Triscuits, Please

Sometime today I urge you to think about three-quarters and two pennies and how this amount of change can actually have an impact on your life.  Things can happen for the worse if it does not get paid to the correct people at the right time. I am in the process of building a new business, using social media to get visibility and build an online profile in my chosen profession of book publishing.  I am using my skills to help other people avoid being ripped off by the connivers and charlatans who abound in the independent publishing realm.

I have a “go fund me” campaign that is still up and running and accepting donations. Even if you want to give $.77 it will still go a long way towards helping me reach my final goal of building a digital reference business that extracts me from a publishing corporate environment forever. I’d seriously prefer not to be sharing the Friskies Buffet with my cats when I am 75 years old. I have heard that Friskies Buffet has a nice taste on Triscuit…  NOT!!

Sometimes you need a HAND-UP, and not a HAND-OUT!

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