Happy New Year 2014!

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book Kahuna


The beginning of the New Year has me waxing poetic about the what ifs and what should be’s of the New Year.

What does the changing of 2013 to 2014 signify?

Is it merely the changing of a day on the calendar?

Is it the adding of a year to your life?

Does it merely add up to seven when all are included (2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7)?

Or is there much deeper significance for the year 2014?

The COSMIC Wheel

The changing of the year in the calendar is a chance for a reset to zero.  The slate is clean. Everything that WAS can be changed into something that NEVER WAS.  Problems that were pressing will not be alleviated, but new answers and new solutions may be palpable because of a different mindset that ensues as the ball drops in Time Square.  I think the New Year is a rebirth of the spirit.  It is a time for reflection and to look at one’s life through a critical prism.  Unlike any other time of the year, this beginning can be a catalyst for all events and decisions that follow.

We are all on this planet for a reason.  Our time here is short.  The turning of the calendar also has significance in reflecting our mortality back to us.  As the numbers of the calendar add up, the numbers available to us are trending downward.  In a cosmic duality the significance of the change gives us ample opportunity to switch directions, but also tells us that there’s a more limited time than we had at previous calendar advancements to make these changes permanent.

The BEST is Coming in 2014 (or later :o)  )!

If only for personal reasons, the changing of the year from 2013 to 2014 is an incredibly momentous occasion.  Rather than lament all of the things that were challenges in 2013, I am truly optimistic about the outlook for success and an abundance of happiness in this new year that has just started.  It will not be easy, and nothing that is worth claiming for achievement is easy to attain, but I am thoroughly dedicated to the challenges that will confront me in this new and infant year.  The past is the past and should only be used as a springboard into the future.  Knowing information that could’ve been detrimental and using this information to remain on a steady track will be crucial to future success in the year 2014.

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Anything that has occurred can only make you stronger.  I know that some will think this is a platitude, but having knowledge of events that can adversely affect you in your life and taking action to avoid future missteps can ensure that your success in various endeavors is a guarantee.  Knowing full well that some who have this knowledge do not use it wisely is also a prescription for keeping this information at the forefront of your mind.  There are always pitfalls that can dissuade you from your path, but be assured that if you walk and work toward your goals and do not deviate from the path that you choose you will be successful even if that success does not happen in the short-term.  The level and immediacy of successful outcomes is not always in the hands of the individual who is seeking to attain that goal.  God works in mysterious ways and in this fact I am truly certain.

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Go Blank, or Go Home!

At this time the Tabula Rasa is in your favor to make any and all changes beneficial to your life.  Take this opportunity to reflect, regroup, and reconnect with those dreams and aspirations that may have been subjugated and rejected as not viable.  Take a chance, take a risk, and find your inner peace in this glorious beginning to a new year.

I wish you love, luck, and happiness all the days of 2014 and well beyond. Happy New Year to you and yours!

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