“The Next Big Thing”

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The Book Kahuna

What are we Talking about?

What is “The Next Big Thing”?  This is something that always gets asked.  I’m still waiting for a good answer to this question, but I think “The Next Big Thing” can be defined as something that is indefinable.  “The Next Big Thing” is what you build.  “The Next Big Thing” is a creation of your mind waiting to occur.  “The Next Big Thing” is something that you feel so strongly, you will do anything to realize this event’s fruition.

Tonight we’re Gonna Party like we failed 9,999 Times

There are many things that can encapsulate your ego and mind.  There is nothing more inductive of paralysis than being afraid.  “The Next Big Thing” is always the result of someone who has thrown off the shackles of fear and decided to strike out on their own.  I posted a Twitter Tweet the other day about how Thomas Edison had failed 10,000 times before completing the electric light.  Did Edison give up after try number 9,999?  No, he persevered and kept trying until he reached his goal of the successful electric light.  The fear of failure is one that can make someone give up on their dreams.  Failure is a part of reaching your dreams.  If you do not fail, you’ll never have the toolbox necessary to make it to your final destination.  The learning process is continuous and can be looked at as steps of a ladder that get you ever closer to a successful conclusion.

Failure IS An Option!

I’m a firm believer that adversity and failure are not opposites of success, but are the building blocks necessary to reach a successful conclusion.  Without change from your original predisposed pathway, you make inroads toward success and never make it to the ultimate conclusion.  I look at business the same way.  There are company executives out there who do not take advice or ask for input from their employees.  These are companies that are run by people who are basically immature and think that they are the smartest knife in the drawer.  In actuality, they are just scratching at the surface of business success.  They may have a year or so where this plan of attack will create some modest revenue gains, but since they are so afraid of other people showing them up they cannot take information and input from their subordinates and will ultimately fail. The company will be bought or go out of business as a result of this misguided hubris.  Again, an agent of fear is retarding the growth process of a corporate and business structure.  Failures are feared and admonished; successes are marginal but lauded to an inappropriate extent.  It is the thinkers, the dreamers, the leaders who take advice and information from their troops, who ultimately reap the rewards of successful business ventures.

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Dream it, Do it, Be it!

“The Next Big Thing” is what keeps us alive.  Striving to reach a goal or dream is the essence of what makes us human beings.  We are at our most creative when we are thinking about building future success no matter what the steps necessary might be.  We are Sir Edmund Hillary plotting the steps to our own successful destiny.  We climb with various stopping and resting points on the way.  We lose our grip, we slip and fall, but we do not hit bottom.  We keep scrambling no matter how long it takes, no matter what obstacles are in the way; we keep climbing.  We know what the summit is, we know what the risks are but we continue to make strides for the final destination.

What are you building toward?

What obstacles are you overcoming?

Have you slipped and scrambled back on track?

Can you see your summit?

Stay on target and never deviate from your final destination.  The journey will be worth it when you reach the summit and look back on where you have come from.

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  1. Good reminders and helpful tips. My experience with lots of people is that often Dreams do not have a specific location as the individual does not know or has failed to remove the word fantasy from Dream definition. The point for Edison is true with a very important inclusion. While he failed to have a finished light bulb 9,999 times or more, he learned from every test what worked AND what did not work. In Edison’s case he did not “fail” he was getting educated. The point for us is that we have to allow and embrace continuing education to pull us forward.

    We can dream as long as we are willing to shape and reshape what the dream is all about. Columbus had a dream to find a route to Asia. He bumped into something very big that was in his way. It changed his dream and the entire world.

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