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I recently did a publishing tip of the day that detailed how looking for new opportunities can sometimes be clouded by individuals and companies looking to save money.  I wanted to delve more into this issue in this blogpost.  During the course of a career in publishing there will always be times spent looking for that next big opportunity.  The publishing industry is one that resonates with transience, because staying at one company will only get you a 2% increase year after year.  And in some instances the company that you are working for will give you no increase year after year.  In this environment of scaled back revenue and salary reductions, it is essential for hiring managers at other publishing organizations to be mindful that time is money and as publishing companies do not have time to waste, neither do the individuals who work within this industry.

It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

One of the credos of the Five O’clock Club is to never stop looking for the next job.  Even if happy and contented in a current situation, never stop scanning the job listings and sending letters and resumes.  A few years back I decided to continue looking for positions in the industry and followed up on one in particular that was a fit for my experience level and academic credentials.  I crafted my cover letter and attached my resume to the e-mail and sent it out to the hiring manager at this particular company.  I was notified a few days later that the owner of the company would like to discuss my background and experience and see if there was a fit with this company.

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Corporate Speak

The discussions were frank, polite, and there was a very good connection between myself and the owner of the company.  Toward the end of the conversation it was requested that I submit my benefits and salary requirements before further discussions could take place.  I complied with this request immediately.  I was extremely happy that I was being considered for this particular position.  The position was at a higher level, but would also necessitate relocation to a different, much more expensive, part of the country.  Once I had submitted this information I expected to hear that either we would be continuing the discussions or we would not be continuing the discussions.  I was informed that I needed to have a conversation with the company’s financial person.  This all occurred after I had already sent in my benefits and salary information to the company.  Once I had a dialogue with the financial person, I was instructed that the owner wanted to have another discussion with me.  It was at that point in time that the job offer was tendered and I was asked again verbally what my salary requirements were.  I responded with the same requirements that I had already submitted via e-mail a couple of weeks prior.  At this point I was told that there was no way that the company could match that salary level and the best that they could do was roughly a third of the level I had already submitted.

Don’t Waste My Time!!

As I said in my YouTube channel publishing tip for the day, publishing companies do not want people wasting their time, and publishing professionals do not want companies wasting their time either.  If you ask me for the information and I supply it, then there is a tacit understanding that those are the criteria we are negotiating under.  For all publishing professionals and new people to the publishing industry, do not let hiring managers waste your time.  Get the range of the position in the first conversation.  You can say that the salary is negotiable, but ask what the previous employee that had this position was making.  Save yourself some time on the front end, and you will not regret the time investment on the back-end!

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