The Power of Staying Positive

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What, Me Worry?

I have often said that working in the publishing field is one of the most gratifying and exhilarating endeavors that anyone can imagine.  The feeling of triumph when a book project finally comes out and hits the consuming marketplace is indescribable.  Along with these feelings of triumph are the points in the publishing career when you are pitted against the feelings of inescapable defeat.  These feelings are most prevalent in the period after a job dismissal or lay-off.  As I have stated in previous blog posts, the publishing industry is one where you will get laid-off through no fault of your own.  How do you deal with this mental conflict?

Through personal experiences I can tell you that the feeling of elation you will receive once you have started a new business venture or secured a new position that is at a higher level than your previous position will be well worth the wait.  Since I was laid-off in February, I have constantly and consistently stayed positive in my outlook and I have continued to write on publishing topics and build a digital reference business based on my experience and academic credentials.  There are always times when self-doubt will intrude upon my point of reference, but I think back to other times that I was laid-off in the past and remember that you cannot appreciate the good times in your life or in your experiences at work unless you have walked through the valley of the shadow.  If all we had were good work experiences our emotions of well-being would always be at the same point and never change.  This can be a good outlook if the work experience is happy and rewarding, or just the opposite if it is not.

Praying Can be Very Helpful…

Spiritual well-being can always be a help in this regard.  If you have a religious/spiritual background returning to your church, synagogue, or mosque is always a good way to keep your positivity centered.  Since we are talking about publishing careers, books that enhance and extol the positivity of the spirit are plentiful and easily acquired through the public library.  Also, the time between jobs and business ventures can be used to increase one’s knowledge by reading voraciously about what is happening within the publishing industry or many business books that will give you better keys for future success.  Some of the business books I recommend are:   Stephen R. Covey:  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale:  The Power of Positive Thinking and Napoleon Hill: The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.  These books can have a transformative impact on your career and keep you focused on the goals and successes yet to come.

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Change Your Story

The power of positive thinking can be an incredible tool but you must continually stay on target to keep your mind thinking of the next prize rather than lamenting some past that was lost.  If you do not like your present circumstances, dream big, and work to change your situation as quickly as you can.  A setback is not a definitive ending but could be the beginning of a success that was undreamed of previously.  The story is always yours to write and your mind is the eraser.  If the plot goes in a direction that you do not want, use your mental eraser to reprogram the story.  As human beings we have the ability to dream and work towards our dreams, but sometimes you have to be persistent in your thought patterns to overcome the adversities that block your path.  I know staying positive is not easy, and I do have my times when I question whether success will ever be mine again, but whenever I get those feelings I fight hard to expel them from my thought patterns and remember who I am and what I have accomplished in my career.

Always envision the end result, and every day do something that gets you a little closer to that dream realization.  Stay strong and stay positive!

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