The Week in Review: #Vlog Style: # Innovative Publishing Tech Leaders, #CIPA Meeting on 10/19/13, #Stay Positive, #E-book Versus #Print Book, #Editors and #Predators, Really?

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Book Kahuna

Innovative Publishing Tech Leaders

I started off the week with a review of Deanna Utroske’s article and interview on the Digital Book World Website:  How Creative Tech Leaders Shape Publishing:

CIPA Meeting on 10/19/13

I then gave a great overview of what Joyce Miller and Jon Tandler would be discussing at the meeting on Copyrights, Fair Use and Permissions…

Stay Positive

On Wednesday I laid bare all the facts that made my previous week and Toastmasters assignment so chaotic:

E-book Versus Print Book

On Thursday I gave information on why you should do your E-book first and THEN do your print version if the income stream from the E-book will allow:

Editors and Predators, Really?

On Friday I thought long and hard about those who point fingers…  An educated author is our best customer:

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