The Book Kahuna’s Video Week in Review

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!


I started out the week with a review of one of the best networking tools out in internet-land that can give you great visibility in your industry:


I next talked about all the ways that content is being disseminated through a publishing platform:

Publishing Companies

I gave an overview of the various publishing companies and how they differ but also how they are similar, even stating my favorite company that I have worked for in my career:

Ebook Subscription Services

I vlogged about Oyster and eReatah and how they are innovating different ways to get electronic content out to the consuming marketplace:

Ebook on Amazon Kindle

Finally for this week I gave a brief overview of how to get an Ebook through the process from manuscript to Ebook for loading in an Amazon Kindle download environment:

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