The Week that Was… eBooks, CIPA, eReatah and Softball

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

The Corner Office

I started out the week with the definition of the “Corner Office” and what steps you can take to move up the ladder…


I talked about ways to get ahead by utilizing company offered extra-curricular activities like softball and volleyball…


I went into detail about why a good copyedit is essential for the marketability of the book project…


I gave the scenario that sometime during the course of a career, you will get laid off and how to approach the situation…


I gave a personal account of why flexibility is so important to anyone who aspires to get ahead in a publishing environment…

Digital Workflow- Phase I

I gave an account of the first functions that need to occur in an electronic/digital workflow environment…


Meeting information, and it is on Blake Street and not Blaich Street!!


I gave personal accounts of why mentors are so important and who those mentors should be.  I also cited 2 examples of my mentors and gave accounts why they were mentors…


Finally, I gave an account of why I blog, how blogging can enhance your visibility for a book project or a career, and how other social media can be integrated into the blogging regimen…

It’s been a great week!  We’ll start it up again next week with more publishing tips from The Book Kahuna!

Twitter:  @thebookkahuna


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