The Book Kahuna: Webinar Why?

Graduation Day from the MS in Publishing Science Program at Pace University, 2012

Graduation Day from the MS in Publishing Science Program at Pace University, 2012

 The Big Picture…

There are some that might ask “why a webinar on book publishing?”  There are so many people out there helping authors get books published through independent means and methods.  What do you have to offer that most of the other Book Herders do not?

Well, my business is not primarily about helping indie authors get their books published.  Another key area is reference materials for publishing’s next generation of stars.  Publishing is an industry that needs mentors to keep the business innovative and vibrant.  Unfortunately, we have seen the number of middle management personnel who have the knowledge being shown the door, while the staff are getting more and more of their training and education through salespeople from the prepress, print and digital/electronic side of the industry.

After I graduated from Pace University in 2012 with my MS in Publishing degree, I decided I needed to put my degree and almost 30 years of relevant publishing experience together into a set of tools that the new staff in publishing can use to climb up the ladder and get to the corner office.

Plain and Simple

There are a few reasons to follow me:

  1.  I’ve been in the industry for almost 30 years.  I’ve seen it all, and had to trouble-shoot my way out of some incredible fixes.
  2. Like many of you, I took the step later in life to go back to school and fill in the blanks on what is happening with the digital and electronic revolution we are seeing today.  I’ve been in the academic trenches and excelled, and also the tactical day-to-day of publishing and brought great success and revenue gains to my employers.
  3. I am not the established “Book Herder”.  I have no allegiances to any companies or individuals, so the pricing will always be the best for the clients I represent.
  4. I’m hungry!  Number 2 tries harder as they used to say in the old Avis commercials.  Give me a shot to help you, whether as a publishing professional new to the industry, or an author who wants more from a consultant then a room filled with 300 strangers to listen to the next lecture on “E-books and why you need to be in the game.”
  5. I believe in giving back.  My goal is to make you as successful as you can be.  In return, I will reap the rewards that are flowing from your success.  Zig Ziglar had it right:  “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

The Journey is Just Beginning

I see this as the next phase in a journey.  The first phase was to get into an industry that I love so dearly.  Working with books is something that is inescapably enjoyable, especially when you see the finished product.  (Read my Blog Post on “Divided we Stand” if you need more proof.)

The second phase was to get academic standing as an expert in the field.  You can visit my LinkedIn profile to see how I achieved that level.

The third phase is to invite like-minded people to come along on the journey.  If you have a book you want to publish:  I CAN HELP YOU!    If you work in publishing and want to move up the ladder faster:  I CAN HELP YOU!  If you want to know about online learning in a university environment:  I CAN HELP YOU!

Don’t wait, take the time to click this link and fill in your contact information.  The FREE video is a lecture I gave 2 years ago at the Denver Publishing Institute for 98 upcoming Publishing Professionals.  It’s a self-narrated PowerPoint presentation and it goes completely through the manuscript to bound book production/manufacturing model.  It’s a product that will be $100 when the sales portal goes live, but it is my gift to you for taking a few minutes today.

Join me on this Journey to Adventure and SUCCESS

Join me on this journey, you will not be disappointed!  Take the walk with me and click the link below.



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