PubWest August Board Meeting: Denver Publishing Institute After-Hours

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi, Derek!

PubWest Board of Directors:  Span and Plan

Last week the PubWest Board of directors had the final meeting of the year before the conference in Santa Fe, NM in November.  Being a member of the board, I dutifully headed down to DU’s Sturm Hall where the meeting would be held.  Now, I have been on the Board of Directors for PubWest since 2009, and this meeting is always the one that I like the most.

We went through our normal business of committee reports and conference information, but after three hours the time had come to close the meeting and head to Hanson’s Bar and Grill.  Yes, this meeting is special because after the board meeting, PubWest invites all of the students at the Denver Publishing Institute to join us for “Happy Hour” so they can chat with industry veterans and network with the PubWest BOD.

Gotta Wear Shades

My initial impression is that the “State of Publishing” is in the capable hands of an up and coming generation of enthusiastic future professionals.  The students are always glad to see us and pick our brains about trends and various changes occurring within the publishing community.  I always ask the question:  “Which area of publishing are you interested in?”  The answers are always marketing, developmental editing, sales, and acquisitions.  One time I would love to hear one of the students say, “Production/Manufacturing!”  If this ever happens I will be so floored to hear this that I will be speechless for the rest of the night, and probably into the next morning.

Production:  Anyone, Anyone, Anyone…

Talking with the students is always the biggest kick for me, and I always give them the whole story about publishing with the unvarnished facts:  There will be a time when you will get laid off from your job; it will be a great learning experience for each and every one of you.  Do not fear this experience.  From this experience will come something new and greater than what preceded it.  Use the time to take stock of your own interests and needs going forward, and look at the possibilities of building your own opportunities as well.  You took the step to go through one of the best publishing programs around, now continue using your mind to advance yourself within the industry or by building your own corporate enterprise.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

I always ask the students to link with me on LinkedIn because I am always willing to give back.  Publishing is an industry built on mentors, and to think otherwise is misguided.  The new staff will need to learn from the veterans and be guided so that they continue to hone the skills they learned in places like the Denver Publishing Institute Summer Session, the Pace University MS in Publishing Science program (of which I am a 2012 Grad), the New York University MS in Publishing Science program and the Yale University Publishing Course.  The learning process never ends, and even grizzled veterans like me can get feedback and new directions from the interactions with the up and coming publishing minds.  There is no one person in publishing who knows it all and anyone who tries to delude you into thinking they do is not someone to learn from in the long run.

Time of Your Life

Congratulations Denver Publishing Institute 2013 Grads!  Now go out there and kick the publishing world on its head!

Publishing like it Oughta Be!  (Homage to the ’86 Mets!)


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