Ebook Sales: Marketing to Leisure Time Is Key

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In his article on the Digital Book World website: Ebook Revenue Growth Stalling Out?  Ebooks Flat in January, Jeremy Greenfield encapsulates all the numbers that give a surprising downturn in the sales figures from the meteoric run of 2011 and 2012.  I think there is an explanation for this change in revenue patterns which I will expound on now.

What Ever Happened to That Cute Couple?

A few years ago, the Kindle and the Kindle II were the unchallenged kings of the e-reader domain.  Amazon was the place to go if you wanted to get your favorite new title or many free backlist titles downloaded for your reading pleasure.  The television was rife with those cute ads with the couple in which the guy had all the answers and the girl was usually asking the questions.  You know the ones I mean…

Once the Kindle (and when I say Kindle I am referring to all iterations of the device) started to have some competition from the Nook, and then extreme competition from the Ipad, the playing field changed and the cutesy commercials disappeared.  This is an extremely regrettable phenomenon because I really wanted to find out what happened with their story.  Did the guy switch to an Ipad and dump her for someone who was a Gamer?  Did she leave him for a guy who was a B & N fan with a Nook?

Television and YouTube Marketing?

Herein lies part of the equation:  Although most people living in the United States have heard of an Ebook, without any Marketing strategy by the main Ebook distributors, there is no imprint in the consciousness of the buying public that any of the players are really pushing the sales.  I have not seen a commercial by Amazon, B & N, or Apple specifically aimed at the book-buying audience.

“In January, the latest month for which data is available, ebook revenue was up 0.7% to $130.2 million, according to the latest numbers from the Association of American Publishers. Adult trade across the board was down 1.5% to $503.1 million.”

Now, when I went onto YouTube to find these commercials, there were a gaggle of other commercials that I had never even seen before.  Where are these commercials playing?  And given the demise of the dedicated reader due to the incredible sales surge of tablets in the recent year (I own a Kindle II, but I bought an Ipad with retina display in April!), there is no wonder that the number of people actually seeing the commercials has dropped through the floor.

Leisure Time for Reading:  Buy and Download Now!

The next phase of the Electronic/Digital Revolution (part of the title of my Ebook, available for Kindle download at Amazon and through the Kindle App on the Ipad:

The Electronic/Digital Revolution in Book Publishing

Will be a marketing blitz, but will not rely solely on books to push the sales of the tablet.  The Ipad ad above just barely has a quick view of books you can read on the device in the beginning.  There are so many other things that you can do with the tablets, that the point must be driven home:

  1.  You can buy your favorite Ebooks and new Ebooks through the sales portal and read them LATER!  Having them is the key.  Do everything you need to do on your tablet, and then read your book at your leisure.  Leisure time for self-reflection and advancement through reading will increase future sales.

Time for me to continue reading on my Ipad, after I watch the Yankees/Dodgers game on the MLB App…

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