When Good Companies Change!

Don and Derek

The Book Kahuna and his Corgi!

There are times when you go to work and everything is going your way. The buzz at the water cooler is all positive and gives off a vibe that the department, section, or company you are in can take on the world and conquer it.

Then, there are the companies that plod through the daily exercise of productivity with no insights, no foresights and no focus on where, when and how the future will be obtained.

First, how do you know which is which?

If you walk into your new job for the first day and are greeted with smiling colleagues who have been there for a good amount of time, then you probably won the lotto and landed at a place that values input from staff and subordinates. New ideas abound and there is no stupid question to be asked. The only detrimental question is the one that never gets uttered.

If you walk into an environment and there are frightened images of Meryl Steep’s character from “The Devil Wears Prada”, the resume better be handy and ready to e-mail to the next perspective employer. I’ve been in both situations, and as a publishing professional who went back to school to get an advanced degree to stay competitive in my field, I know there is a spot out there just waiting for an ambitious, driven person with great credentials. The world should be my oyster right, but in this economy, steamed clams are all you can wish to hope for.

What do you do as you await the “Dream Experience”?

I keep thinking, “Pitchers and catchers report in a week”. I am studying German via Rosetta Stone getting ready to go on my trip of a lifetime to Germany/Austria/Switzerland and hopefully Northern Italy. I keep working my vending business, Skootdad Vending and Refreshments. The financing is almost paid off and I am looking to expand in the coming months.

You are probably asking, “What’s a Skootdad?”

When I was setting up my first computer that my buddy and I built from scratch, I was trying to set up my Juno e-mail account. Every iteration of my name would not work, and just at that second, my cat walked by. My cat’s name was Skooter (named after Phil Rizzuto, The Scooter), so my e-mail became skootersdad! Sometimes you have to take your inspirations where you find them. We do not get to pick and choose when brilliance will give us the insights to the better mousetrap.

How does this fit into books, oh Book Kahuna?

You have to stay positive and do the best job you humanly can no matter where or when you are doing it. The reason is that you never know who is watching what you do, and will be affected by your positive demeanor even in the most menial of tasks. Do it to be the BEST, no matter what it is.

As Napoleon Hill wrote in The Law of Success Complete: “Pleasing Personality is the “fulcrum” on which you must place the “crow-bar” of your efforts and when so placed, with intelligence, it will enable you to remove mountains of obstacles. This one lesson alone has made scores of Master Salesmen.”



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  1. Michelle scott

    Like this one…where’s my stapler?

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