Hot Off the (Electronic) Press: Three Obstacles to Global E-book Sales

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At this point in time the Digital Book World Conference is meeting in New York. There have been seminars and keynote speakers. I’m sure the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as the throngs compare notes about how the e-book revolution is proceeding. I’ve been reading the articles and keeping tabs on how the conference has been proceeding, and the linked article I have attached caught my eye. The premise seems pretty basic, but if you miss one of these important aspects of e-book sales, you may lose out on revenue streams that could propel your business.

1. Pricing: “First and foremost, pricing should be established in the currency that the consumer pays in.” This would seem to be self-evident, but trying to price out titles in all the different currencies may not become an important issue until you are ready to sell your e-book.

2. Rights and Metadata: “Metadata must be accurate and reviewed thoroughly by the publisher.” In school we were taught that Metadata is the information about data. If your Metadata is not accurate, then your titles cannot be accurately marketed through the distribution portal. If your Metadata is not all-inclusive (including foreign rights encompassing all foreign markets) then you are cutting yourself off from revenue streams that could be putting cash in your coffers.

3. Publicity: “Popularity often grows faster than rights negotiations transpire.” Advance marketing and word of mouth will ensure that your titles get into the marketplace and find the receptive audience. Do not worry about the final sale but make sure your Rights, Metadata and Publicity coincide. If availability is not blocked due to rights issues and your publicity has been spot on, you will have a successful selling season for your title.

Follow these rules and the door to profits will swing open.

Publishing like it Oughta Be!  (Homage to the ’86 Mets!)


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