Random House and Penguin: What’s the Big Deal?


Bigger does not necessarily mean better (or does it?).

The merger of Random House and Penguin could be the beginning of a new age in the publishing industry.  Rather than look at this merger as US Steel or Standard Oil from the last century, let’s look at this as a possible new bastion of publishing excellence on all fronts that could be a boon for us nutty career publishing professionals.  As a former Random House employee, I can tell you that I am highly supportive of anything that will get a solid challenge into the forefront of the Amazon behemoth.  Companies that make books and put content into the hands of readers are what this age is all about.  Random/Penguin is just the latest incarnation of a business model that works to keep products flowing to market whether digital or print based.  As we all know, the business of America is Business!  This merger is just another step in the publishing consolidation and retrenchment of the industry.

Other companies may unite in the near future, and this could continue to be a progressively enriching and volatile atmosphere for books, but one thing is for certain, print books and e-books will both be vying for consumer dollars for a long time to come.

What are your thoughts…



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3 responses to “Random House and Penguin: What’s the Big Deal?

  1. Ken

    Do they have a chance to battle Amazon? Seems like an Apples to Oranges comparison as Amazon is mostly an aggregator, not a publisher, or am I being naïve? See ya.

  2. Amazon Books is probably the next step in the stream. Once Amazon is distributing and producing its own books, the market-share will be a wee bit smaller than what it is now. That’s why the big boys are in a collective panic.


    They are also looking at purchasing a Brazillian Publishing Company…

    • Ken

      Ah, Brazilian eh!!

      The best way into a business is buy a small but well run player and grow them with your bank roll.

      Thanks for the insights!!

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