Workplace Bullying– Alive, Well and Eventually a Legal Problem For Employers!

Not much to say but this is a great video on the subject.  Also, I just completed work on a project for ABC-CLIO that encompasses bullying on the playground as well as bullying in the boardroom.  It is a problem and with the economic conditions the way they are it is getting worse, much worse.

I think we all need to stand up and stop this dead in its tracks. It’s happening to me, and it can happen to you. Stand up and fight back!!

The Effects of Workplace Bullying


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One response to “Workplace Bullying– Alive, Well and Eventually a Legal Problem For Employers!

  1. medcal

    This is epidemic and is destroying good families all over the US. There must be laws passed to preserve boundaries rather than leaving targets to fend for themselves. There is no way currently to “fend”. I have experienced this and it is constant, very intentional and designed to ruin your life as you try to maintain your productivity at work. It becomes a pressure cooker environment and bystanders are the worst. There will be very few that will stand up or denounce the abusive, intrusive behavior. They will worry for themselves and all will become tense within the environment. They will side with the harasser in order to feel as if they are on the right side of the politics. This is only because bystanders know that many companies are grossly unethical and will not act to swiftly denounce bullying harassment. They will paint a consistently competent and productive employee as the problem. This even as they have constantly praised the same employee as productive and competent. The damage will erode the target and eventually, the company will retaliate against the reporting target and devastate their lives further with economic downfall as they are discarded in retaliation. There is no law. The residual effects are lasting and traumatizing no matter how strong you think you are. Life if different after such an uncontrolled ordeal that you are unwillingly sucked into.

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