School Days

I have been remiss in keeping blog posts going.  I am currently finishing my Masters in Publishing Science through Pace University in New York.  I am finishing a program completely online.  I started this process back in 2009, and after a good amount of hard work, I graduate and get to walk on the stage at Radio City Music Hall (yes– THAT Radio City Music Hall!) on May 16, 2012.

My first visit to Radio City Music Hall was in 1964 or 65.  I went with my mother and sister to see Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews in the title role.  I had a Little League Baseball hat that I loved to wear all the time, and I forgot it and left it in the seat when I left.  I wonder if Radio City has a Lost and Found and would still have my hat?

Once school ends next month, the blog posts on publishing will be flowing!  Sit tight and hold on, because this is going to be the place where helpful discussions will abound!

If any of you are graduating in the class of 2012, I congratulate you on your hard work and wish you love, luck and happiness in your future pursuits!


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