The Book Kahuna- Who, What, Where and Why


Graduation Day with my MS In Publishing from Pace University, 5/16/12

Graduation Day with my MS In Publishing from Pace University, 5/16/12

The Book Kahuna

This is my first blog post on my new blog.  I’ll make it simple since I know we live in an age of short soundbites and multi-visual graphic systems to stimulate the senses.

The beginning:  Why Books?

I have been working in the book publishing industry for the past 28 years.  I love working in production/manufacturing, and over that span I have seen the publishing industry go from Kitty Hawk to Walking on the Moon in the space of that 28 years.  Technology has advanced at a rate so fast that even those working in the business did not realize the rapid ascent to the current state of book techno madness. It has been an incredible ride, and only looks to get more intense as we move forward with the e-book revolution.

Why the Kahuna?

Well, something edgy was needed to get the name out into the public venue.  Having been to Hawaii only 2.5 years ago, I realized that the Kahuna was the main man, the big cheese, the guy with the answers.  Guess I fooled all of you!   I have many of the answers, but not all of them, and never claim that I do.  The book industry is one where you are aways learning, and never have the information in total to be the “King of the Publishing Crown”.  I thought if I could use this blog to put relevant topics into a discussion, my colleagues and peers would lend valuable information for the up and coming publishing professionals.

What types of discussions?

You name it and we will be discussing it on this blog. From 4/color printing to xml based digital workflows, we’ll chat and discuss.

I’m currently the Production Manager at ABC-CLIO, LLC, a social science and reference publisher based in Santa Barbara, California.

For now, I’ll let this be my first post, but what problems or issues are you finding in your career in the publishing industry?  As Frazier Crane used to implore:  “I’m Listening.”



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2 responses to “The Book Kahuna- Who, What, Where and Why

  1. Jess Gribble

    Good luck with the blog, Don! I’ll be following it.

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